August 23

6 Foods I Eat For Healthy, Radiant Skin

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I frequently share beauty tips on cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting my skin (as seen recently here and here). But focusing on what I put in my body is just as important as what I put on it. And though I may not be able to control genetics or the natural process of aging, I can control what lifestyle choices I make, including what I eat. That’s why I try to eat a healthy, simple diet rich in vegetables, some fruit, plenty of protein in fish and eggs, and minimal gluten-free grains. The following 5 foods are my favorites and have been for years. I try to incorporate them in my meals or snacks throughout the week, and truly believe that my skin thanks me for it!

Almonds are a staple food for me for so many reasons. First, when it’s too long between meals, a small handful gives me the energy I need to keep going until my next meal, making them the perfect snack. The reason behind it? A huge dose of protein to counteract drops in blood sugar. I also carry a small baggie of almonds in my handbag. Second, almonds add a yummy crunch and needed protein to salads, sandwiches and cereals.

Avocados are filled with healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, which have been shown to hydrate and protect the skin from premature aging and sun damage. I admit I’ve been an avocado toast fan for a really long time, so when there’s little time for lunch, I’ll quickly toast a piece of gluten-free bread and spread a few avocado slices on it, topped-off with thin almond slivers and maybe pomegranate seeds.

So amazing that this little round purple fruit is filled with antioxidants that build-up the immune system, fighting cell damage and skin-aging while adding collagen strength. Not to mention how super delicious they are, which is why they are one of nature’s best ‘superfoods’. I add them to smoothies or cereals, or just snack on them alone.

Most people are aware of the benefits of eating spinach, which is rich in folate and vitamin B, which help in cell repair. So, naturally, this is a superfood for great skin! I love to add spinach to my smoothies, salad, sandwiches in place of lettuce, or lightly steamed on it’s own.

Sweet Potato
These delicious, naturally sweet and filling vegetables are a staple in my meals each week. Not only do they help fight disease, but just ½ a baked sweet potato adds 200% of my daily requirement for carotenoid, the secret nutrient that happens to give sweet potatoes their color. The baking process enhances nutrients, and my skin soaks it all up, along with a natural, healthy glow!

Yellow Bell Peppers
I’ve known for a long time that vitamin C is important for healthy skin and collagen growth, helping to reduce the signs of wrinkles. And yellow bell peppers carry a huge amount in just a single bite! We love to barbecue them or snack on them with humus.

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