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July 24

Healthy Skin From Morning To Night

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I’ve always believed that healthy skin starts from within. There is no one-step process that will magically transform your skin. Rather, it’s a series of choices- from eating habits to the products you use – that have the greatest impact. For me, it was adding small but subtle changes to my everyday that created the biggest difference. It was changing my diet, switching from carbonated/sugary drinks to water, and putting a big focus on sticking to a skincare routine consistently. Consistency is key! I’m always open to trying new products to nourish my skin and help it look its best. Keep reading to find out what my routine is for achieving healthy skin from morning to night…






This summer in Charleston I’ve found that my skin can take a beating from the intense heat and humidity. It’s so strong that we’ve actually had to rely on air conditioners way more. In fact, we didn’t have air conditioning in San Francisco (we never needed one!). Running the AC all day creates a more comfortable environment, but it’s also a dry air that can leave my skin dull. Throughout the day, I make a conscious effort to keep hydrated with lots of water and always have some fruits on hand that have high water content, too. 




Whether I’m working from home or in our new office, I generally start with a nice and light breakfast while I’m easing into the workday. Throughout the day, I prefer to eat healthy snacks rather than a big lunch. That way I keep my energy up. Things like a bowl of fruit salad or trail mix are quick solutions for me. Sometimes I crave greens, so for lunch on this particular day I had a healthy green salad. One of the best things I ever did for my skin was when I really started focusing on putting nutrient rich foods first.




At the end of a long day at the office and after a walk back home in the mid-Summer heat and humidity, I’m ready to get home and start my evening routine.






I start by slipping into my favorite silk pajamas and with a clean, fresh face I first apply Perricone MD’s H2EE Firming Foam Mask. This mask is especially refreshing after a long hot day due to the cooling sensation when you rub it into your face. The texture is really amazing- it starts out as more gel-like and turns into more of a foam once you start applying it to your skin. It’s so light and incredibly hydrating, it’s like giving your skin a big gulp of water. 


One of the neat things about the brand is that they share the same beliefs as me that great skin can be achieved through a healthy diet (including dietary supplements) and a solid and consistent routine utilizing scientifically proven skincare products. While I’m no scientist (T did get an A in college Chemistry), I was intrigued by their new H2 Elemental Energy Collection, which is powered by Hydrogen, the smallest molecule, creating formulas that help penetrate your skin to provide hydration and reenergize tired skin. I was really excited to try their products and I hope you are too, as an extra incentive, Perricone MD is offering GMG readers 20% off with the code: Julia20






Secondly, I will apply the Hydrating Booster Serum. The humidity from living in the city again has put some extra stress on my skin, so this is the perfect serum for reviving it back to it’s natural glow. I love serums, especially at night, and always apply one before my moisturizer. This one leaves your skin plump and dewy, and only gets better by morning. 






Next, I apply the Hydrating Cloud Cream Moisturizer. When layering this cream on top of the serum, it ensures that my skin will be cared for during the nights of (sometimes) short hours of sleep. I always know that my skin will thank me in the morning for this extra layer of hydration. 





My number one struggle with beauty is in the morning when I wake up. I’m constantly fighting puffiness, which is worst the earlier in the day it is. So my final skincare product I’ll use is the De-Puffing Eye Gel. I love the lightweight application of this gel. In addition to using it at night, it’s also great for addressing puffiness right after I wake up. Actually, all of these Perricone products (which are 20% off with the code: Julia20) have such a light, airy texture that you can use them in the morning and at night.





The last thing I do in my routine is I cap off my night finishing up some work while sipping a hot cup of mint tea with almond milk- my favorite night time ritual!




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