Celebrating Our GMG Collection Coat Launch in NYC

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As you may have seen on Instagram or on our Gal Meets Glam Collection website, we’ve spent the last few days in New York City celebrating the launch of our coats! We have been looking forward to this launch and this trip for months, and both have been a dream come true. To help us celebrate in style, we invited a few New York-based influencer friends to join us at the gorgeous Lotte New York Palace. With the help of Christy Doramus of @christysgarden, we turned their Jewel Suite into a true Gal Meets Glam wonderland, not to mention the most beautiful setting for each of our special events!

After a fun kick-off evening where Carly, Caralyn, Rachel, Caila, Melanie, and Liz got to preview the coats and choose their top picks, we met back up early the next morning, ready to shoot our favorite looks. Even though I have spent lots of time in New York over the last two years especially, it was a treat to enjoy the city alongside some of the women who know it best. Lotte New York Palace offers an abundance of stunning backdrops right on the property—my favorites may have been the opulent lobby, the lush courtyard, and, of course, the rooftop, which boasts breathtaking views of the city.

That evening, we enjoyed the grand finale of the day. Thanks to Christy Doramus of @christysgarden, who brought my vision to life through her stunning floral arrangements and eye for thoughtful details, we created a total Gal Meets Glam Collection experience for over 100 friends of the brand. We completely transformed two floors of our suite to perfectly showcase both our newly launched coats and our upcoming holiday dresses and gift items. One detail that took the whole event to the next level was the life-sized moodboard installations by Verry Robin & Co. We loved the moodboards she created for this post so much, we couldn’t resist bringing them to life on a larger scale to share with our guests!

From the setting, to the conversations, to the palpable excitement over what’s next for Gal Meets Glam Collection, it was a day I will truly never forget. To shop all the coats we wore throughout the celebration, visit this page of our e-commerce site. For more peeks at our time in NYC and my favorite places in the city, check out my takeover of @newyorkcity on Instagram today!

Julia in the Annelise Coat | Carly Heitlinger and Julia in the Emilia Coats

Caila Quinn in the Hadley Coat in Black

Rachel Martino in the Willa Coat | Melanie Sutrathada in the Hadley Coat, Jennifer Dress

Annelise Coat

Carly in the Dominique Coat | Caila in the Hadley Coat

Caralyn Mirand in the Willa Coat | Melanie Sutrathada in the Hadley Coat, Jennifer Dress

Caila in the Marissa Coat | Julia in the Emilia Coat

Caralyn in the Celeste with Pearls | Dominique Coat

Lauren in the Dominique, Julia in the Emilia| Rachel in the Hadley Coat, Jennifer Dress

Carly and Caila in the Emilia Coat

Moodboards by Robin Verrier

Janelle Marie Lloyd in the Aubrey Coat

Julia in the Laurel Dress

Hadley Coat and Jolie Coat

Thomas, Julia with Neely & Chloe Burch | Julia – Laurel Dress  Susan Magrino in the Eloise Coat, Ines Dress

Event Design by Christy Doramus of @christysgarden


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