July 25

Film Favorites Vol. 3

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Hey everyone, it’s Thomas, back again with another round up of some of our favorite film shots from the last few months. If you’ve been following along this year you’ll know that I’ve really embraced film photography and now pretty much always have a film camera on me. In the past I have done film roundups, which is a good way for me to share all of these great photos since I’m not the best at sharing on IG. For a shortcut to those past roundups you can click here, here and here. I especially love bringing my film camera with me along on our travels. Since I use it intermittently throughout our trips the resulting film scans play out like a highlight reel from our trip. Each time I get the notification email from Indie Film Lab, the film developer I use, it’s like Christmas morning where I stop everything to unwrap the gifts.

Today’s roundup includes photos from our babymoon back in June and including a few from the three days we spent in London. A majority of these images were captured on my Leica M7 with the remaining on my Contax T3. Two amazing cameras but not exactly budget friendly for those trying to start with film photography. The good news is that I’m in the process of assembling a getting started with film photography blogpost which should answer any questions aspiring beginning film photographers will want to know. I hope you enjoy these images and let me know if you have any questions.

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