October 19

Film Favorites Friday Vol. 1

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As you may have noticed, we’ve been posting a lot more photos that have been shot on our film camera. While we live in a digital world, there’s something incredibly fun about shooting film. Immediate gratification is replaced by the excitement and wondering of what the final results will look like. Thomas ships off our film rolls, 10 at a time, to our developer in Alabama, Indie Film Lab (thanks for the recommendation Ryan Ray). When we get them back a few weeks later, it’s like Christmas morning. Thomas is so excited about shooting film that he has actually archived all his previous photos on Instagram and now only posts film photos.

I particularly love film photos for documenting travel, when you get those 36, 24 or even 10 exposures back from a particular day spent traveling, memories come rushing back. Because pictures on film are precious (and expensive), we are cautious not to overshoot one particular scene in the way that we do on digital. So travel days are great because the timeline and story unfold as you review the images. Regardless if the photo is world class, one you will frame, or even out of focus or over exposed, every photo is special. While our film photography mostly takes a back seat to our digital and professional work, we are shooting more personal moments on film. It’s also still our goal one day to go on a trip and bring nothing but film cameras.

The below images are our absolute favorites from our most recent 20 rolls of film we’ve had developed. It’s also worth mentioning that we don’t edit our images after receiving them back. We hope you enjoy!

Amalfi Coast Film Favorites

London Film Favorites

Charleston Film Favorites

New York Film Favorites

Vermont Film Favorites

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