October 18

The Two Pieces I’ve Had In My Closet For Years

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Max Mara Blazer (similar, less expensive here and here), Cuyana ShirtFrame PantsTory Burch Belt, J.Crew Loafers (old, similar here, less expensive here)

Thomas got some of his film back earlier this week and on it were all of the pictures he took while we were in London last month. I love London and it’s so special to have these beautiful black and white film photos of the city. I’m promising myself to make an effort to get them printed and framed! In the bunch were some shots of this look I wore on our last day, which reminded me that I never posted it. The colored images are digital, but the black and white shots are all film. I love how grainy and filled with character they are- never perfect, but full of emotion and personality. That’s the things with film, it’s one shot. You don’t really know if you got it or not, but that’s the beauty of it. It allows you to try and not perfect the moment, but be in the moment. It’s a completely different mentality than what we’re used to with shooting digital and I have to say, it’s really refreshing! I’m going to do a blog post rounding up our (yes, some of them are ones I shot, too!) favorite film shots we’ve taken recently.

Back in September, we got our first taste of autumn weather and I was glad I had packed my favorite pair of leather pants. These pants are my favorite and I wear them endlessly every fall/winter season. They have a great stretch to them, but I love that they’re more of a jean than a legging like some other leather pants. Frame makes some of my favorite denim, so I knew I would love this pair. True story: Thomas and I had a dance-off in our house about two years ago and I just so happened to be wearing these pants. To win, I went to go slide across the wood floor on my knees (in my head, leather would slide really easily on hardwood) and the end of the song. Unfortunately reality hit hard when I dropped to the ground, and instead of sliding, the leather stuck, ripping my leather pants wide open on the knees, along with my ego. I was quite devastated over the pants (and in some actual physical pain from the bruises on my knees) and convinced myself to cough up the $ again for them last year. They’re truly great, just don’t try and go sliding across any floors on your knees while wearing them.

This blazer is another item I’ve had in my closet for a few years. I wear it year round, as it’s a classic that can be worn throughout almost every season. I also recently got this Rag & Bone one that’s a more oversized style. While this particular style is no longer available, I found a few similar ones, also by Max Mara here and here, along with a few more at a lower price point here, here and here.

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