April 5

5 Beauty Items I’m Loving Right Now

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It’s been a while since I’ve shared what beauty products I’m currently using and loving. My routine is always ever-evolving and changing since I love to try out new things, but as I’ve said before, a majority of the brands and daily products I use remain the same. I’ve posted about the makeup I use regularly, along with my skincare routine and the items I stock up on throughout the year, but I haven’t shared the beauty products or tools that I’ve added most recently. Keep reading to see the five new beauty items I’m loving right now.

Summer Friday Skin

Summer Fridays, a new skincare line started by my friend Marianna and her business partner Lauren, recently launched and sold out immediately. They debuted with just one product, their ‘Jet Lag’ mask, which totally lives up to its name. It’s incredibly hydrating and leaves my skin absolutely glowing. I’ve been using it a lot lately since my skin is paying the toll from a ton of travel.

Jade Roller

I’ve been following the hype of jade rollers for a while and finally bought my first one a few months ago. I’d been so interested in them as I fall victim to the always frustrating puffiness in the morning. While it’s not a completely drastic before and after, I have found that it does help with getting rid of some of the early morning swelling. I bought this one and follow the step by step it came with, which is basically a lymphatic massage for the face.

RMS Lipstick

I wrote about my love for RMS beauty in this post and have followed up a handful of times sharing more about the brand and the products that have become a part of my every day routine (like their beauty oil). Another favorite, and one that I’ve been using a lot this spring, is their lipstick in ‘Vogue Rose’. The founder, Rose Marie Swift, picked this color out for me and it’s the sweetest shade of pink/coral for this warm weather season.

Pink Comb

I’ve been using this Mason Pearson wide-tooth comb for years and love it! It’s the only hair brush I have. A few weeks ago I thought I lost it and decided to replace it with this beautiful pink Aerin one. I ended up finding it, so now I just have two-  one packed away ready for travels and the other tucked neatly in my bathroom drawer.

English Fields

Jo Malone is one of my favorite brands for candles and perfumes. They’re unusual combinations and far from ordinary scents make them so special and unique. Their new ‘English Fields’ collection might be the best one yet (in my opinion). My past favorite has always been ‘Cardamon & Mimosa’, but I’ve become increasingly obsessed with ‘Oat & Cornflower’ from this new collection. Try it for yourself and you will see!

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