January 19

The Organic Beauty Line That I’m Obsessed With

A little over a month ago I mentioned on both my Instagram stories and in this Sunday Series about my recent introduction to RMS Beauty. On Instagram stories, I had just come back from an evening of meeting the founder, Rose Marie Swift, at a local boutique and getting my makeup done by her, and shared some of my experience and immediate thoughts. I had the best time and felt like I learned more about beauty and makeup in a two hour span than I had my whole life. I honestly left and felt so inspired by Rose Marie and excited for all of the new beauty products I purchased and lessons and tips I learned. I received so many questions and dms after I shared my experience. Questions about the brand, about the products I got and lots of messages from readers who already use RMS and love it. This is my first dip into an organic and all natural beauty line (you can read more about the brand here), so I still feel like I have much more to learn. What I do know is that I want to become much more aware of understanding what I’m putting on my face and skin- in all aspects of beauty. While I haven’t taken a complete nose-dive into an all-organic and natural beauty approach, I am taking small steps towards transitioning some of the products I’m using now to ones that are cleaner. My friend Nicolette recommended the beauty site Credo Beauty to me, an all natural, organic and cruelty free beauty retailer. A great place to start if you’re looking to switch up any of your products.


Since so many of you asked me about what I bought from RMS and what I’m loving, I thought I’d share a simple and natural beauty look using my favorite products from the brand, along with some of the tips I learned from Rose Marie.


RMS Beauty Oil– Since getting a bottle of this oil, I’ve used it every single day. When I first met Rose Marie, she applied this to my bare skin and instantly it felt better and set the perfect base for the products she applied. I told her that I loved using oils on my skin, but always end up getting oil other places (i.e. clean hair, which I then have to wash). She recommends using a very small amount, 3-4 drops- enough for the skin to soak in, but no extra to get all over.



RMS Lip2Cheek in “smile”– One of the best tips that Rose Marie gave me was about hiding under eye circles. This is always my main focus when applying makeup, so naturally I brought it up when I was with her. She then proceeded to explain to me that if I apply a very small amount of a coral color to the under eye neutralizes and hides the blue of dark circles. She suggested I use this “smile” shade and only apply where there is an undertone of blue (on the inside until about the middle of my under eye).



RMS “Un” Cover-Up in “22”– I loved meeting Rose Marie because she’s really honest and blunt about what she sees and she’s not afraid to critique or give feedback. It’s such a great quality! Nobody wants to hear that they’re doing something right if there’s room for improvement (which there always is). I’d be lying if I said there weren’t days when I lather on my under eye concealer. Tired, stressed, not enough water and eating poor- no problem, I’ll just slather on as much under eye concealer as possible. Nobody notices, right? Wrong. That’s one of the first things RM said to me “You’re aging yourself by applying so much under eye concealer. 1) You don’t need to wear so much 2) You’re applying it wrong”. She then applied the RMS “un” cover-up right over the lip2cheek in “smile”. In the past, I would apply my concealer basically all over my eye- from the inside to the outside and even on my eyelids to help with the pink-ish tint there. Not anymore though, now I follow the same rule of applying it only to areas where there is a blue-ish undertone from blood vessels. A quick note- this was by far the most loved product that you guys messaged me about after my Insta stories. Hundreds, and I mean hundreds of you all shared how much you love this product. And I couldn’t agree more!



RMS Eye Polish in “Lunar” (used as highlighter)- RMS has a specific luminizer and even a palette for highlighting, but RM suggested that for my skin tone and coloring, this eye polish would suit me better. Because it’s coconut based, it blends into the skin so well and gives the most beautiful, natural glow.



RMS Tinted “Un” Powder in “01”– To set my under eye makeup for the day, I apply a small amount of the “un” powder.



RMS Eye Polish in “Myth”– I mentioned it earlier, but my eyelids have a natural pink undertone to them that I’m always trying to hide. Since I don’t typically wear eyeshadow, I’ve always applied a bit of concealer to cover them up. RM suggested I use this eye polish in “myth”, which is a really lovely neutral color that looks very natural- perfect for every day.



RMS Lipstick in “Vogue Rose”– The last product I use is this pink/peach lipstick color to bring a bit more color to my face. I love any sort of lip color that nourishes and looks good. These lipsticks are so hydrating and not only feel amazing but look really good, too. When RM did my makeup, she used the RMS “Red”, which I also bought and love.


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