Holiday Gift Guide

December 3

Holiday Gift Guide: The Guy

Sunglasses/ Jacket/ Watch/ Vest/ Cologne/ Tie/ Belt/ Kiehl’s Gift Set/ Headphones/ Coat/ Shirt/ Slippers/ Beer Making Kit/ Wallet/ Scarf/ Bag/ Vest/ Jacket/ Portable Speakers¬†

I don’t know about you guys, but I got a head start on my holiday shopping this past weekend. I’m in full Christmas mode (music, decor and all) and love searching for the perfect gift for everyone. Todays ‘Holiday Gift Guide’ is a one-stop shop of gifts for guys from Nordstrom. Shopping for my guy (or any guy) takes a lot more thought and effort. I always try and get my husband something that he wants, but just doesn’t know it yet! I love the Peter Millar collection, this jacket and shirt are two things I’m contemplating getting him, but a nice sports coat may rule over both of those.

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