July 3

Summer Swimwear Ready

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Swimsuits are worn by many year-round, but summer’s the season when the selection of styles is at it’s best and when many go on sale. I’ve always found it challenging to find a swimsuit that I really feel comfortable in, but have developed a pretty clear picture of what I like. I prefer one pieces, but appreciate a two piece with a fit that stays in place and is flattering at the same time. I love a swimsuit that goes well under a summer dress or can double as a top with a wrap skirt, gauze shorts or linen pants to go from the beach or pool to lunch, dinner, or a late afternoon of shopping.

When selecting a swimsuit style, I look for a fit that covers all the areas I feel most conscious about. I make sure my backend is covered and prefer a high-waisted bikini, though I’ll consider wearing a lower cut style as long as it covers with-out moving up in all the wrong places. For a top, it’s important to not have gaps. The fit needs to be just snug enough to feel confident it won’t fall off when swimming, or loosen up after extended wear.

Patterns, colors and details can make or break how a swimsuit looks and feels on. If a pattern is too bold, it can feel overwhelming. If a shade is too dull, it may look too washed-out against my skin. I love small details like ruffles, bows, tie waists, and buttons when placed just right. But swimsuits that are too sheer or have fabric textures that reveal too much don’t make the cut! Here’s my line-up of 20 flattering styles that will have you swimwear ready this summer!

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