October 1

Must-Haves For A Cozy Night In

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Especially over the last few years, I’ve come to truly appreciate the value of a relaxing night at home. It feels so indulgent to occasionally shut our laptops early, change into our comfiest clothes (for me, it may be something soft like this, this or this pullover and these joggers, or comfy pjs), and lounge on the couch to watch one of our favorite movies or shows. I have a few easy tricks to make these evenings feel intentional and special, rather than lazy (which can be a tempting feeling when we know there’s still work to do–and owning two businesses, there’s always work to do!). To make the very most of the downtime, I love to light candles all over the room, make some homemade popcorn or a pot of tea, and put on a face mask. As the weather cools down, I know I’ll be craving evenings like this more and more, so I’ve been keeping an eye out for things that will make our rare nights in extra cozy and rejuvenating. Scroll through for a few of them, and let me know your favorite way to relax at home in the comments below!

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