January 28

5 of our Favorite Warm Weather Destinations

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The middle of winter is always when I start craving a warm weather destination. We’ve just booked a trip for next week to somewhere we’ve never been to in The Bahamas. If you’re looking for some inspiration for an impromptu trip to somewhere warm or even for your summer vacation, I’ve put together 5 of our favorite warm weather getaways.

We’ve been fortunate enough to visit Hawaii every year for the last few years. While all of the islands feature some of the greatest beaches in the world and fantastic food, not all of the islands are the same. Our personal favorite has been Maui which offers a nice mix of natural beauty while providing plenty of places to eat and stay. Oahu, outside of the hustle and bustle of Waikiki is also one of our favorites, especially the North Shore and the Lanikai Beach area. For those seeking an even slower pace, Kauai, Hawaii (We’ve only visited the Kona side) and Lanai (though we haven’t been) are great options.

Santorini is one of those places where I can close my eyes and picture almost exactly what it looked like. One of my favorite memories from all of our trips we’ve ever taken was sitting along a ledge in Oia, Santorini basking in the sun while sharing a souvlaki wrap. Mykonos and Santorini were two great places to visit in the Aegean Islands, but they’re definitely on the tourist map. We’d love to make it back soon and explore even more.

South of France
We have fond memories of a multiple week trip to France in July of 2015. As we normally do when we take road trips, we often spend most of the time in the car. While this is a great way of checking places off of a bucket list, you partially defeat the purpose of a vacation in my opinion because you miss some of the small intricacies that make a place unique. Our plan this summer is to revisit the South of France but to commit to 1-2 locations.

We are excited to be heading to Harbour Island in The Bahamas next week. Last year, we visited the superb Playa Grande Beach Club in the Dominican Republic. The year before that we went to St. Lucia and Antigua. What we love about the Caribbean is every island has a unique offering.

We most recently visited Mexico a few years ago when we visited Puerto Vallarta and Cuixmala on the Pacific Coast. We still haven’t visited the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico (Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen). Mexico is one of those places that always sounds relaxing. There might not be a better combo of beaches, food, and drinks anywhere else in the world.

What are your favorite warm weather getaways?

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