January 6

Our Favorite Cookbooks

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I don’t think the words “I love to cook” have ever left my mouth. Thomas, on the other hand, has enjoyed cooking since he was young. He finds it relaxing and loves the challenge of creating something new. More recently, however, I’ve discovered that I actually enjoy baking. 2020 was the first year I’ve taken the time to really hone-in on my baking skills, including finding and following recipes that are gluten-free. As we purged old cookbooks to make room for Clementine’s toys this winter, we spent extra time becoming reacquainted with some of our old favorites, as well as recent new additions. I admit that most of them are Thomas’s, but there are a few that I’ve been loving as well, especially when baking is the theme. Below is a refreshed list of cookbooks we either own or wish we owned, to draw inspiration and creative ideas from on what to cook at home this year.

Sweet Laurel

When it comes to baking, one of our most-used cookbooks is Sweet Laurel, filled with gluten-free and plant-based dessert recipes that are simple and always delicious. They have a new savory cookbook coming out this spring that we are excited to try!


We recently got our hands on Ottolenghi’s newest vegetable-based cookbook, Flavor. We’ve bookmarked almost every page and can’t wait to cook our way through them all!

The Flavor Equation

Another new cookbook favorite of ours is The Flavor Equation. It is a science-based cookbook that presents recipes through the science of flavor and sensation.

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