January 27

What We Bought From Amazon This Month

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Outfit Details:
Puffer on me (on sale), Striped Sweater on C, Similar Puffer here, here and here

I’ve been spending small snippets of time this month sorting through items that have needed to be cleared out for a while. It’s funny how much we gravitate towards the familiar. That’s what I love about Amazon – I’m able to find everyday essentials to restock, while also discover new fresh styles.  I’ve been sharing many of these on my IG stories, but wanted to round-up some of our top favorite finds we’ve purchased this month. These are items that we use frequently and are thrilled to have found.

Cotton Top

I picked-up this Staud cotton blouse for it’s peasant sleeves and loose fit – another relaxed piece to wear on any given day.

Canvas Sneakers

I love my Tretorn sneakers and have them in a few different colors.  I refreshed with a new all-white pair this month since it is the shade I wear the most.

Girl’s Embroidered Cardigan

I was so excited to find this darling embroidered toddler cardigan for C and scooped it up in more than one color.

Girl’s Floral Blouse

This floral, vintage-inspired girl’s blouse is one of my favorite styles to dress C in, whether it’s with slip-on denim pants or toddler overalls.

Crewneck Sweatshirt

A classic crewneck sweatshirt is what I put on when I’m wanting a relaxed style. This one is the perfect weight to layer or just wear alone.

Lawns Into Meadows Book

Thomas has already read this book from cover to cover and is now convinced that people should convert their lawns to meadows for a variety of natural benefits.

Sweater on Left/ Striped Sweater on Right

Children’s Slip-On Shoes

These light-weight children’s shoes are great for running around in the garden. They have a durable rubber sole and are easy to slip on and off, and can be worn with or without socks.

Girl’s Rainbow Sweater

C loves the rainbow and cloud appliqué on this pink sweater. She’s filled with smiles and giggles when she wears it!

Striped Sweater

I love the white background and blue stripes on this turtleneck sweater. It feels light and fresh when worn with denim and white sneakers.

Bath Toys

We recently bought these fun bath toys that we put on the wall in our shower for C to play with. She loves watching water pour through the gears, pipes, and tubes.

Children’s Puffer Coat

This cute puffer coat for littles has a slightly longer length for added warmth and comes in a variety of colors.

Children’s Heart Socks

I find myself ordering socks for C monthly since they seem to ‘disappear’ on a regular basis. These sock sets are soft and breathable, as well as affordable.

Rainbow Sweater on Left, Heart Socks on Right

Animal Snack Containers

These cute snack containers are both adorable and super useful. C loves the animal faces and we love how they pop open when unzipped and easily seal shut, so there are no accidental spills!

Silicone Storage Bags

We’ve been using these silicone storage bags for everything from carrying snacks to storing leftovers. They are thick and leak-proof with a strong seal, perfect to take in the car as well. Plus they are dishwasher safe!

Children’s Striped Sweater

This little rainbow sweater is filled with joy! I can’t help but smile when C is wearing hers!

Children’s Heart Sweater

I had this cardigan covered in pink hearts for C last Valentine’s day when she was just under six months old. I couldn’t resist getting her the bigger girl version to wear as Valentine’s Day draws near. Best of all, it is 100% cotton and super soft!

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