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December 29

20 Favorite Finds From 2020 For Littles

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Baskets, Trunk, Play Mat, Walker

Shopping for children in 2020 has been a highlight of the year for us. It has been a complete paradigm shift from what we were use to, but such a welcomed change. Clementine has brought so much joy to us this year and it has been so amazing to watch her grow and change from a baby to a toddler. As 2020 comes to a close, here is a look back at both our and your top twenty favorite finds for littles – items we have loved using in our home, from clothing, to practical essentials, to toys and more.

childrens items
childrens items

Chair & Cup

Geometric Baby Gate

We installed these wood geometric baby gates at the top and bottom of our staircase. The design matches well with our stair railing, providing a much-needed safety barrier.

Bunny Blanket

Clementine loves to snuggle with her plush little bunny blankets, which are her favorite sleep time companions.

Rain Boots

These little rain boots are great on a rainy day, or for going on a walk when it’s dirty and muddy. They make great puddle stompers too!

Rainbow Ball

We never expected that a simple rubber ball would provide so much fun for everyone. We play with it in the house, out in the yard, and at the park and beach.

Slip-On Shoes

These cute, durable slip-on sneakers are great for indoor or outside play, and especially at the beach where they can get wet, and be slipped on and off easily.

Star Pajamas

Comfy pajamas like this star covered set are a favorite bedtime style. Sometimes, when it is cold and dreary out, Clementine will stay in them all day!

Personalized Chair

This chair is one of Clementine’s favorite things in her room. She loves to crawl up in it to read and snuggle with her dolls and stuffed animals.

Snack Container

We have these no-spill snack containers in a rainbow of colors. We make sure to fill one with Clementine’s favorite snacks and slip it in my bag or the stroller when heading out. They are great around the house as well.

Sound Machine

We’ve used a sound machine in Clementine’s room for sleep time since she was born. The soothing sound helps her relax and provides a gentle reminder that it is time to go to sleep, whether it’s nap time or bed time.

Wooden Walker

This 5-in-1 wooden walker has provided Clementine with hours of fun and learning. It is covered with different play scenarios that are perfect for both babies and toddlers.

Go-Anywhere High Chair

Every parent should get this portable highchair. It is a game changer for meal times on the go, and also works well as a chair.

Silicone Bib

We’ve relied on these waterproof rubber bibs for keeping Clementine clean at meal time, snack time, and almost any time she is handling something messy. The catch-all front pocket really does work!

Wooden Tea Set

Another Clementine favorite, this wooden tea set sits on her table, and is played with daily. She loves to drink from the cups and pretend to pour from the teapot, frequently hosting little tea parties with us.

Climb and Play Set

We brought the play gym into our home with these climbing block pieces. The are soft but durable, and provide a wonderful way to play together while working on balance and coordination.

Counter Stool

Clementine has become quite proficient at climbing into her counter stool to help dad and mom in the kitchen. We make sure to place her stool away from the stove, in front of a counter where she can help us sort, clean, dry, or arrange things.

Slipper Booties

These are the coziest toddler booties and fit snuggly so they don’t fall off. They have a suede slip-proof bottom that makes them perfect for running around the house in!

Quilted Jacket

This quilted jacket comes in a few different colors, including a double-breasted version. It is light-weight, yet warm enough for cold winter days over a sweater or fleece pull-over.

Water Bottle

We use these insulated water bottles to keep both milk and water cold for hours. We set them out on Clementine’s table so she can easily grab and drink. They are great to take in the car and on walks as well.

Play Mat

This versatile play mat has not left our living room floor since it first arrived, other than for cleaning. It makes a great play space and tumbling mat, and pairs well with the Climb and Play set. Clementine enjoys pointing out the different colorful letters and animals on it.

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