May 28

My Favorite Artists

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Over the last few years, we have slowly been curating a cherished collection of art for our home. Since my sister is an amazing artist, I’ve always had an appreciation for art. It wasn’t until we moved to Charleston and bought our house, though, that we began investing in original paintings to adorn our walls. Each piece adds a unique beauty to the backdrop of our daily lives, especially now that we have been spending so much time at home. We are lucky to have many incredibly talented artists right here in town, so it’s easy for us to keep up with their work, visit their galleries (when safe to do so), and find pieces that perfectly complement our home’s aesthetic. We find so much joy in discovering an artist whose work resonates with us. I would love to share a few of my favorites today, in the hopes that you may fall in love with some of their work too.

Lauren Taylor

I have always had watercolor paintings by my sister, Lauren Taylor, in my home, and they remain some of my most special pieces. Her inspiration ranges from travel to fashion, but right now, I especially love her dreamy botanicals and landscapes. We recently shared this limited edition print series inspired by clementine and lemon watercolor prints designed by Lauren for my baby shower last summer.

Fee Greening

Fee Greening uses dip pen and ink to create her uniquely detailed illustrations, which blend inspiration from Medieval, Flemish, and Gothic art with a modern twist.

Blakely Made

The colorful way Blakely captures the beauty of the Lowcountry and her travels instantly captivated us. Her paintings have a soft, feminine feel that fits right into our home.

Raven Roxanne

Raven’s paintings, which range from colorful abstracts to striking still lifes, share a vibrant energy and feminine palettes.

Sally King Benedict

Sally King Benedict is best known for her colorful abstract face paintings, one of which hangs in our breakfast nook (as seen here). It is one of our most-asked-about pieces.

Kayce Hughes

Combining minimalist color palettes and intriguing abstract styles, Kayce Hughes’ work adds an effortless elegance to any space.

Debbie George

Debbie George’s paintings capture natural, everyday details in the most delightfully exquisite way.

Meg Page

Meg Page creates the loveliest botanical and nature prints, beautifully upholding a centuries-old artistic style for the modern world.

Rachael Cocker

Rachael Cocker brings her floral patterns to life through gouache and oil pastels, resulting in her signature bold color palettes that look just as striking on pottery as they do on paper.

Isla Simpson

I love the delicate, whimsical feel of Isla Simpson’s work, which is inspired by the English countryside homes of decades past.

Caitlin McGauley

Caitlin McGauley’s watercolors capture florals, animals, and destinations with vibrant colors and an irresistibly lighthearted perspective.

Hannah Winters

I’m captivated by Hannah Winters’ impressionist-style landscapes and romantic florals. There is such a calmness to her work that I love.

Polly Fern

Polly Fern’s colorful style brings a cheerful touch to any room. Her floral paintings feel like an ever-blooming bouquet, effortlessly propped into your favorite heirloom vase.

Alexis Walter

Inspired by her richly historic home city of New Orleans, Alexis Walter creates breathtaking abstracts in beautiful muted color palettes.

Caroline Boykin

Caroline Boykin’s unique combination of painting with pottery results in her strikingly delicate, multi-dimensional work.

Wayne Pate

Bold, yet sophisticated, Wayne Pate’s work makes a memorable statement to complete even the most minimalist space.


Inslee offers an irresistibly fresh take on botanical prints, created in her signature whimsical, playful style. You may have spotted her work on the cosmetics case she recently personalized for me.

Renee Bouchon

Renee Bouchon utilizes a wide variety of mediums to create her stunning abstracts. I am captivated by her elegant use of color.

Kate Long Stevenson

Another Charleston artist I love, Kate Long Stevenson creates abstract impressionist paintings with a feminine feel and an array of bright color palettes.

Raphael Balme

Raphael Balme’s work depicts the natural world–florals, birds, animals, and more–in an intriguing, almost dreamlike way. Any piece would instantly become the focal point of a room.

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