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March 30

Olay Hydration Serum

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I mentioned on IG stories two weeks ago that I added Olay Hydration Serum as part of my skincare routine. Serums have more recently become an essential step in my routine, used right in between washing and moisturizing. They offer a more efficient way to deliver specific nutrients that our faces need, with this one in particular giving me the extra hydration that my dry skin is craving.

olay face serum
olay face serum

What’s great about serums is that you can use them to tackle a specific area for you, offering greater customization. You can even choose a different serum depending on time of day or how your skin is feeling in the moment.  Olay’s recently launched serums have offerings for most needs. My skin tends to be more dry, that’s why I’m using the Deep Hydration with B3 and hyaluronic acid to help maintain moisture. Achieving hydrated, dewy skin is always a top goal of mine when choosing items in my skincare routine.

Since using Olay’s Hydration Serum for about two weeks, I’ve noticed how much more dewy and hydrated my skin looks. I just apply a few drops of the serum after I wash my face and before I apply my moisturizer. It’s like a big gulp of water for your skin! It’s especially great this time of year when everything is feeling extra dry.

olay face serum

Completing the collection, Olay also has two other serums: Tone Perfection Serum and Wrinkle Correction Serum. If you’re new to serums, consider checking out one of Olay’s. Olay also recently made their Olay Skin Promise which aims to achieve no skin retouching across all advertisements, including their work with influencers. I love this commitment as I’ve always striven to present our images in authentic form.


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