January 1

Start Something New This Year

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If 2019 has taught us anything, it’s that life is better when you have a guiding purpose. Your purpose is what gets you out of bed every morning. It’s what you fill your free time with. It’s what inspires you to put up with the hard things in order to create more opportunities. When you start something new, you have the ability to decide what its purpose is. This new thing can be a business, a hobby, a relationship, or simply a fresh perspective or new state of mind. Whatever it is that you find purpose in, we encourage you to take on something new this year.

Everything great that has ever happened to us happened not because we sat and waited, but because we pursued an opportunity. The opportunities that ended up becoming the biggest have rarely been the ones that we initially sought out. One thing so often leads to another, which is why we believe strongly that no matter what may be standing in your way, you just have to start. For tips on how to get started with something new, check out this post from 2018.

Whatever the new thing you pursue this year is, don’t stress about whether it is an immediate success or not. In fact, We’d venture to say it is better in the long term to fail fast and fail often. There is truly no greater opportunity for learning. When we learn along the way, we grow and can reach levels we never could have imagined.

Are you already crushing it with your life, business, or your career? That’s awesome! If that’s the case, make 2020 about starting to give more than you are getting. In 2019, our daughter, Clementine, came into our lives. For the first time in maybe our entire lives, we spent more time giving as much as we could, and we’ve never felt so rewarded. Even if you can find small ways to give back to others in your daily life, we believe you’ll be amazed by how much comes back to you.

Wishing you and your families a very Happy New Year!

Thomas and Julia

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