May 23

Sunny Days On The Porch

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In the early days of my pregnancy, just as winter was beginning, it felt as though summer would never come. Now, it’s practically at our doorstep! We’ve kept ourselves busy this spring with work, many joyful celebrations (from our GMGC anniversary weekend to my baby shower), and plenty of nesting, so it has truly flown by. I’m giddy with excitement that summer means we’re one step closer to meeting Baby B…she’ll be in our arms before the next change of season!

As you may have gathered on Instagram or in Thomas’ Beginning Gardening Guide, our garden has quickly become one of our most beloved parts of our home. Thomas has put so much work into it over the last year, and now, we’re thoroughly enjoying the fruits (or rather, the vegetables and roses!) of his labor. I love popping outside to help when I can, so every morning, I’ve been putting on Olay’s Sun Face Sunscreen + Shine Control after my moisturizer. With SPF 35, it ensures I’m ready to go out into the sunshine at a moment’s notice, like any time Thomas calls me outside to see what’s blooming or to help him harvest a basket of vegetables for our dinner. In the summer, when we’re outside so much more often and the sun’s rays are especially strong, including sunscreen as part of our regular routines is crucially important. I used to only worry about sunscreen if I was going to the beach or the pool, but now, I’ve realized that the fifteen minutes in the sun here and half-hour there throughout the day add up.

After one too many sunscreens that have made me feel sticky or oily, I’m selective about what I use, especially on my face. If the former has been your experience so far, don’t give up on sunscreens altogether! Keep testing them until you find your perfect formula. I wear makeup over my sunscreen on most days, so finding a sunscreen that works well with my other products was a top priority to me. Olay Sun Face Sunscreen + Shine Control protects my skin from the sun, first and foremost, but since it’s also an antioxidant-packed serum, it creates a smooth, even base for my makeup. I prefer to steer clear of mattifying powders in my daily routine, so I especially appreciate that this formula provides the perfect amount of shine control (even in the Charleston humidity). Products that serve multiple purposes like this one are key to a simple, minimal summer beauty routine—one that leaves plenty of time for actually enjoying the garden and the sunshine.

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