Q&A Day

April 24

Q&A Vol. 9

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Reader Question

I need to buy a good pair of classic jeans. What is your favorite denim brand? What do you recommend? – Marcela T.

I used to dislike wearing jeans because I’m adamant that they need to fit flawlessly, look classic, and hold their shape throughout the day without stretching out. I’ve tried countless pairs over the years, and have happily landed on a few denim brands that hit all of my criteria. My most-worn jeans are by Frame (similar pair here), since they seem to fit my body best, and I love the quality. They’ve also held up beautifully over the years so I can invest in them confidently, knowing they’ll always be one of my wardrobe staples. J. Crew makes jeans in so many different washes and cuts, but they always have a timeless feel. I’ve never been disappointed in a pair! Finally, I first fell in love with Everlane jeans because of my white pair, but I’m a fan of their classic blue washes as well, like these skinny jeans and this cropped pair. All of these brands make jeans in my go-to silhouette: slim and straight with a high rise and a hem that hits right above my ankle—it’s so flattering and looks elegant dressed up or down.

Reader Question

I was wondering if you have updated your opinions on which camera you would recommend today. I’m so inspired by your photography and have a full year of trips planned, so I want to invest in a great camera and computer. Any suggestions? – Laura D.

Since the moment I first picked up a camera, I’ve been asked what camera I recommend people use. Camera technology has changed immensely in the last eight years and my answer has changed almost every year. The single biggest advancement has come in the form of smartphone photography. I used to recommend different cameras at different price points, but now I ask this question first: do you want to take good pictures with minimal effort or do you want to learn photography through a more traditional camera system? If you want to take great photos but don’t feel like dedicating large amounts of time and energy to learning photography, I always recommend people upgrade to the newest iPhone. Julia has the iPhone XS Max and the pictures it takes are so good, we often have a tough time determining if we should use images from her phone or my very expensive professional camera. Even two years ago, it wasn’t a question that professional cameras were better, and 4-5 years ago, we wouldn’t have even consider posting an iPhone shot. So what about if you want to go the traditional route and already have some camera skills? Now we can talk about budget. You should always approach your budget knowing you are buying a system—it’s not just a camera; you are buying at least one lens and plenty of accessories. I’m a big believer that better lenses make better investments. When you determine your budget, aim to spend as much on the lens as you do on the camera. Here are my suggestions for around $1k, $2k, $3k, $4k and $5k.

Around $1k – Get the newest iPhone 

Around $2k- Sony a6500 with 18-105mm G lens 

Around $3k- Sony a7 III with Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 (E Mount)

Around $4k- Sony a7 III with 24-70 2.8 G lens

Around $5k – Sony a7 R III with 24-70 2.8 G lens

Reader Question

How do you store all of your silk scarves? I can’t seem to figure out a solution that prevents wrinkles. – Emma S.

Hangers often leave creases in scarves or pull on the delicate fabric, so I’ve found that the best way to store silk scarves is in a box. As well as being easy to store and organize in your closet, boxes protect scarves from light, dust, and other things that can damage or fade them. I opt for simple, medium or large-sized storage boxes like this, this, and this so I can use as few folds as possible when putting my scarves away. When I’m ready to wear them, a quick blast from the steamer makes any lingering wrinkles disappear in seconds.

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