Q&A Day

February 8

Q&A Vol. 7

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Reader Question

I almost never wear dresses because they are outside of my style comfort zone, but your line has inspired me to try them more often! I would love some tips about which dresses are the most versatile and how to style them when you aren’t usually a “dress person.” – Alyssa G.

I’m excited to hear that you’re inspired to experiment with dresses! I recommend starting with one of our solid-colored dresses in a classic silhouette, like Alison, Celeste, or Edith. (If you’d prefer a brighter color, the Julia dress, which is one of my all-time favorite silhouettes, is launching in some gorgeous solid colors in a few weeks.) The best thing about these dresses is that they’re effortless to dress up or down. Don’t be afraid to layer jackets, blazers, silk scarves, or coats over the top–you may be surprised to see how many easy looks you can create by switching up your layers! Of course, these timeless dresses are also designed to look beautiful on their own. Especially if you’re new to wearing dresses regularly, it may feel special to simply pair your dress with chic ballet flats (like these) or stylish loafers (like these) for an outfit that is ready for both workdays and weekends.

Reader Question

What are some of your favorite fragrances? – Elaine

I always get questions about my favorite perfumes around Valentine’s Day (even a few emails from gentlemen shopping for their best girls, which makes me smile), so I’m glad you asked! Since I prefer to change my perfume often rather than sticking to a signature scent, I’ve tried many over the years. Especially as spring approaches, I gravitate toward light, fresh, and floral scents that feel feminine and uplifting. I listed a few of my all-time favorites, as well as a few newer scents that sound lovely, below.

Reader Question

Will you please describe or show how you fold the Mary scarf when it is left untied? I just ordered it and would also love to know other ways to style it. – Anne S.

One of my favorite ways to wear the Gal Meets Glam Collection Mary Scarf is in a basic bias fold, draped around my neck, as seen in the images in this post. To achieve this fold, start by placing the scarf on a flat surface (pattern side down). Fold one corner in towards the center of the scarf, and then do the same with the opposite corner so they meet in the center, overlapping a bit. Fold each side in until they meet in the center, forming a long narrow scarf. You can vary the width of the folds to change the look of the scarf a bit. Then, bring the center of the scarf behind your neck, letting the ends drape over your shoulders. The best thing about this simple fold is that it pairs just as well with dresses as it does with a casual sweater and jeans, adding a feminine touch to any look.

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