November 20

Gal on a Budget: A Holiday Table

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Decorating for the holidays can be a challenge. It’s natural to feel torn between wanting to buy every holiday themed item we can get our hands on and making more strategic choices with our money.  It’s most realistic not to invest or buy pieces that you’ll only use once, despite how fun they are. Yes, pumpkin shaped soup bowl…..with lid…I’m talking about you. In true Gal Meets Glam holiday form we are decorating our table for the upcoming spike of activities and guests we have coming. With our table, we decided to do a few things differently this year.

This year’s holiday/Thanksgiving table is inspired by items that we will also continue to use year-round. The items we selected have more of a neutral color palette and vintage vibe to them. At the same time, the table still has the holiday vibe without being too specific. Even better, we made this table a Gal on the Budget edition. So all of these items were thoughtfully selected not to break your budget. They are festive and they aren’t too specific to the holiday so you can use them all year and they have your budget in mind. The perfect trifecta!

Green Dinner Plates

These neutral green plates add an earthy element to the table, which makes it not feel so formal. Most of the time, our meals are very casual, with everyone gathered around playing games and telling stories. I love having a table that fits how our family really entertains.

Block-Printed Tablecloth

These tablecloths are one of a kind, which make them incredibly special (to both use & to gift!). I bought this one which is no longer available but, you can shop all of their available selection here (which has many more similar styles).

Gold Flatware Set

I love a non-traditional metal for flatware. In our NYC apartment we have black silverware and we’ve had these gold ones to mix in with different place settings. During the holidays, I love mixing metals- whether that’s silver and gold, brass and black, or a little of everything.

Burgundy Linen Napkins

The deep burgundy color of these napkins really bring out the palette of the season. They’re not too tied to the holidays, but still festive and a the perfect pop to the table.

Gold Candlestick Holder

I love the modern touch that this candlestick holder adds to the table. It’s subtle and simple, but still makes a statement with its unique design.

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