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November 19

A Peek Into Our Cozy NYC Apartment Guest Room

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Traveling as much as we do, we spend a considerable amount of time sleeping in different beds. Some are comfortable, but to us, most are not. When we travel with friends or family, we will often hear them say, “Best night’s sleep of my life!” referring to how comfortable their hotel bed was. I know this is just an expression, but to me, there’s nothing like getting home and sleeping in our own bed. Part of the reason is simply that it’s home, it’s safe, it’s familiar, and it’s ours. But most importantly, it’s because we’ve always believed in investing in a high-quality mattress and incredible sheets.

As you know, we’ve spent a great deal of time in NYC since launching Gal Meets Glam Collection. We were constantly living out of suitcases in hotels around NYC, and while we enjoyed our stays, nothing compares to having our own place to call home. With the Collection  growing, there is more demand for our time in the city, so we made the decision to get a NY apartment. With this decision comes the task of decorating an apartment from scratch, which is no easy feat.

In the master, we are sleeping with the mattress on the ground, since we are still waiting on furniture. Meanwhile, our guest room has quickly come together and has turned out so well that we might have to start rotating rooms, even when our master furniture finally arrives. The room is not 100 percent complete, but it’s by far the most finished room in our apartment, so we wanted to give you a sneak peek into this new stage in our lives.

I’m a deep sleeper, but falling asleep isn’t the easiest task. My mind is often racing, excited to wake up and take on the next day. When I get into a comfy bed with luxurious sheets, my mind is put at ease and I quickly doze off, often with a smile on my face, according to Thomas. He says I’m like a bunny in trance!

When it came to picking out bedding for our NYC apartment, I was excited about the opportunity to try a new-to-us brand, Parachute Home. We’ve heard such great things about them, and since we are taking a different design approach in New York compared to our Charleston home, it made sense to go with Parachute. Their collections of bedding and bath products match perfectly with the relaxed, simplified, and modern aesthetic we are trying to create in our new space.

After some research online, we noticed that Parachute sheets come in three distinct fabric types: percale, sateen, and linen. Since we currently sleep on percale sheets in Charleston and love them, we originally figured we’d stick with that for our bed. But, excited about all the new opportunities being in NYC would provide, we figured, why not consider new sheet fabrics? To help decide on our bedding, we ventured into the Parachute Home store in Soho.

After our visit to the store, we did decide to switch it up a bit. In our guest room, we went with linen sheets. Parachute’s linen has a casual but luxurious feel, so it’s perfect for guests. Fun fact: linen is also the preferred fabric of my husband’s alter ego, Tuscany Tom. We slept on linen sheets when we were staying at a hotel in Italy and loved how comfortable they were. They gave us a feeling that reminded us “I’m not at home,” but in the best way possible, so we wanted to recreate that same feeling for our future guests. We chose a gorgeous blush color, which looks especially beautiful in the linen fabric. It has a hint of femininity without being too overwhelming for the guest who maybe doesn’t like pink. To add some contrast, we threw in this sham in white, which introduced a new color and texture to the bed. For additional coziness, we added this windowpane alpaca throw on the corner of the bed and a blush quilt placed in a basket in case our guests get cold. We’ve already had one snow day this year, so I’m confident these will be put to good use!

For the master bed, we went with the sateen set in white. The best way to describe this fabric is silky smooth. It makes you feel like you’re sleeping in the most comfortable pair of silk pajamas…and you know how much I love silk pajamas! We can’t wait to finish this room up and get our mattress off the ground.

The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without some fun sale opportunities. We are only a few days away from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so I want to let you know that Parachute will be offering some excellent sales. Even if you aren’t currently in the market for new sheets, take a look at their gift guide–it’s filled with the perfect cozy gifts for yourself or almost anyone on your list. I love these slippers, their classic bathrobe, or even this home chef bundle, complete with an apron.

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