Q&A Day

October 16

Q&A Day Vol. 3

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Reader Question

I love your home décor/entertaining style, and was wondering what you might do for an elegant Halloween-themed dinner? Ideas for décor, menu, and entertaining items would be much appreciated! – Cassidy S.

When planning any celebration, I start by considering the occasion at hand and how I want to make guests feel as they arrive. My favorite things about Halloween are the opportunity to have fun dressing up and to indulge in sweet treats. With that in mind, I can imagine throwing a harvest-inspired dinner that’s more on the healthy side (maybe this as the main dish with this and this on the side), followed by a decadent selection of desserts (this blog has tons of impressive, party-ready dessert recipes in the archives)!

I draw so much inspiration from natural elements and flowers when I’m decorating for an event, and a Halloween party is no exception. For an elevated interpretation of the cliche orange-and-black color palette, opt for rustic buffalo check linens, copper details, a gorgeous wreathmatte black plates and candlesticks. Combining textures throughout the party adds interest and creates warmth, so I love the combination of felt, pods, slate, and mercury glass in the products below. Happy Halloween!

Reader Question

How do you use your hair appliances (like your curling iron) overseas? Is there a special adapter that can handle that much power, or do you have separate heat styling tools to use in Europe? – Amy I.

I always leave my blow dryer at home, since almost every hotel bathroom is stocked with one (and I try to let my hair air dry as often as possible anyway). I do, however, travel with my usual curling iron, which is dual voltage. We don’t go anywhere abroad without this travel adapter, which we highly recommend, especially for any appliances that produce heat. These items have a large amp draw, which can blow the fuse on cheaper adapters. This particular adapter has a self-resetting fuse in case you do blow the fuse. Additionally, this adapter actually stays plugged into power outlets, which we find a major problem with other adapters. For any electronics you use abroad, make sure your items are dual voltage (120-240V), or, if you travel frequently, consider investing in a new dual voltage option. You might be wondering, “What about converters?” We always avoid them, as we’ve never had good experiences.

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