September 28

The Bobbi Brown Nude Palette

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When it comes to makeup, I fall into the middle ground of loyalty to my tried-and-true products and constant curiosity about new things, especially from my favorite brands. I try lots of different products on a regular basis, and even if I don’t end up implementing most of them into my daily routine, I keep a good number on hand for evenings out, special occasions, and the occasional day when I feel like changing things up a little. It’s amazing how something as simple as a different lip color or a swipe of new eyeshadow can make an ordinary day feel just a little more inspiring and exciting. One of the reasons I started Gal Meets Glam in the first place was to share the ways I added a touch of glamour to my everyday life (hence the name!), and it’s a principle I continue to remind myself to live by seven years later.

As I’ve been slowly packing up my bright and pastel summer wardrobe staples for the season and pulling out pieces in warm, rich, autumnal tones, I’ve been keeping an eye out for beauty products that will enhance my fall daily looks. Just a quick scroll through the Beauty archives reveals that Bobbi Brown is one my all-time favorite makeup brands–I wear their mascara and bronzer every single day, and they’re also my go-to source for gorgeous lipsticks. Even though I don’t wear eyeshadow daily, their new Nude on Nude Eyeshadow Palette quickly caught my attention. I love how neutral the palette is, since I always gravitate toward natural, effortless makeup looks, but the gold-toned shades in it are especially striking for fall. 

Before adding any “extra” makeup like eyeshadow or lipstick, a smooth, natural base is essential. I am diligent about sticking to my skincare routine and drinking tons of water to keep my skin healthy and glowy, but to take the look of my skin to the next level, I was impressed by Bobbi Brown’s new Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation. It made me feel like I was hardly wearing makeup at all, but lasted beautifully through a long, busy day. Especially during cozy weekends at home, I wouldn’t hesitate to wear this foundation, plus a swipe or two of mascara, and call it a day!

You can find the Nude on Nude palette at Nordstrom–their fall Beauty Trend Week events are coming up this month and next, so check for your local store’s dates here for the perfect excuse to shop, pick up samples, and receive a complimentary consultation at the Bobbi Brown counter.

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