October 1

Best Buys of September

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September was a breath of fresh air to welcome the new season. Our schedule was packed with work-related travel, but in each place we visited, we also squeezed in quality time with some of our best friends. Hopefully, this was one step in the right direction of finding a balance between hard work and rejuvenating rest as we slowly but surely approach the holidays! In the meantime, here’s a look back at my best buys and most-used items in September.

1. Bobbi Brown “Parisian Red” Lipstick

I haven’t traveled anywhere this month without this velvety red Bobbi Brown lipstick in my purse–you may have spotted it in these posts from London and New York. I also just wore it in our Gal Meets Glam Collection holiday shoot! A classic red lipstick that isn’t too orange or blue is not easy to find, but in my book, this one is a winner.

2. Cream Sweater

This soft, slightly cropped cashmere number is exactly what I want to wear all season–long time readers know I can’t resist a good cream sweater! I wore this one for the first time earlier this month in London, and have had to stop myself from reaching for it every other day, especially since the temps have been dipping here in NYC.

3. Burgundy Sneakers

Comfortable, but stylish, sneakers have been my go-to airplane travel shoe lately, so when Thomas picked up a pair of APL sneakers, I couldn’t resist sneaking a peek at the women’s new arrivals too. The “Victorian red” color of this pair captured my attention right away–it’s the perfect color for fall.

4. Aperture Coffee

If you read Thomas’ at-home coffee tips post, you may remember that fresh, high-quality, whole coffee beans are absolutely essential in order to make a cup of coffee that rivals one from your favorite coffee shop. A new-to-us source that we’re absolutely loving is Aperture Coffee Roasters, especially their Ethiopia blend. The fact that their business name nods to photography is a bonus!

5. Hairspray

Whether we’re working on projects while traveling or photographing the Gal Meets Glam Collection, we sometimes take photos from sunrise till sundown, so I need a hairspray that works. L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray is iconic for a reason–it has been my go-to on our longest shoot days this month and has certainly lived up to its reputation (I’ve been using it since high school). 


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