May 4

7 Scarves To Wear In Your Hair

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When I was young, I used to love playing dress up, especially when I was over at my grandmother’s house. I have such vivid memories of going through her drawers of scarves, pulling out the silks and chiffons in all shapes and colors. To me, a scarf is a timeless accessory and an item that’s to be worn for years and years. I think of them like a nice piece of jewelry, it’s something I’ll have in my closet and wear for forever.

Over the years, I’ve collected my fair share of scarves. I usually buy one when we’re traveling somewhere, that way each one has a story or a special meaning. While in the past I’ve mostly stuck to wearing them around my neck (like here) or slipping them around my bag (you might remember this post, 8 ways to wear a scarf, that I wrote a few years ago), but lately I’ve been wearing them in my hair a lot more. I’ve always loved the effortlessness of a ponytail pulled back by just a scarf (like I did here last summer), a bandana wrapped around a bun, or even a scarf folded in half and tied over my head (like here). When it’s hot and humid, or I just don’t feel like doing my hair, a scarf always seems to be the perfect solution. And beyond that, I think it’s safe to say that it’s just a great accessory to add to any classic look at any time. So, if you’re on the hunt for a pretty scarf this season, here are 7 options (at a variety of price points) to add to your wadrobe…

Old J.Crew Scarf (left, similar here), Lake Pajamas / Hermes Scarf (right, similar here), Karla Colletto Swimsuit (blush version here)

Floral Silk

I have a similar version of this pink scarf but in navy and have already worn it in my hair numerous times, like here and here.

Sweet & Subtle

This subtle and sweet scarf is the perfect size to tie around a ponytail or bun, or wear around your neck as well.

GMG Logo

I styled my GMG Collection logo scarf with all of my accessories. This has been a customer favorite and we’re planning on making it in more colors!

Reversible Bandana

This floral and striped bandana scarf is a small alternative and one that offers two looks in one since it’s reversible!


Tie your hair up this spring with this blue paisley print scarf that’s also a steal at $35!


A fresh take on spring colors, this blue and green geometric print silk scarf will easily pair with this season’s ensembles.

Garden Print

I love anything with a garden print, so without a doubt I love this beautiful botanical silk scarf- I currently have this one sitting in my cart!

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