January 24

8 Ways To Wear A Scarf

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One of my favorite ways to dress up a simple look is by adding a scarf- whether it’s with a shirtdress, a sweater and jeans or with a plain white tee. There are also so many different ways to tie and style a scarf, so I thought I would share my eight favorite ways to do so. Each one is as simple as the next, so they make the perfect quick and easy way to add a little something to a casual look.

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This one is my personal favorite and the way I tie mine most often. Start by folding your scarf in half, then while keeping the middle portion (the pointed part) in the front, take the two ends and cross them behind your neck and bring them back front. Knot them together and you’re done! (This scarf is Gucci)
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This second way is so simple and easy. I like to use a smaller scarf so that I don’t have to wrap it around my neck more than once, this one is 19″x 19″. Pull the scarf so that the ends are point, wrap it around your neck and tie in the front. Twist it to the side or keep it in the middle- whatever you prefer! (This scarf is J.Crew)
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This style is better if you use a longer scarf so that the bow will be bigger (this one is a 35″ square). Again, make sure that the ends are pointed and wrap around your neck, tie into a bow and keep in the middle or twist to the side. (This scarf is Calypso St. Barth)
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One of the most classic ways to tie your scarf- fold in half, leave the pointed part in the front and knot the two ends in the back. Adjust the height accordingly. (This scarf is old from Hermès)

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This style is similar to the second one. Start with folding your scarf in half and then keep folding until it’s a long and thin. Wrap around your neck and tie slightly lower than your neck. This style looks great with a button down shirt.  (This scarf is Ann Taylor)

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I often wrap scarfs around the handles of my bags, especially in the warmer months and each time I do it the same way. Start by folding two of the ends in toward each other. Then roll fold the scarf starting on one side until you reach the other. Then take the scarf and knot it once around the handle of your bag. (This scarf is MDS Stripes)

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This is a fun way to spruce up an old bag and looks best if you’re working with a cross-body bag. Fold your scarf (square) in half and place the large part on the front of the flap of your bag. Take the two ends and tie them on the backside of the flap and you’re done! (This scarf is J.Crew)

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This style is best if you’re using a skinny, long scarf but you can fold up a larger one if you don’t have one. Start by knotting the scarf on one side of a handle. Next, start wrapping the scarf around the handle and continue until you reach the other side. Once you reach the end, open up a gap and slip the end to create a knot (see below). (This scarf is J.Crew)

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