February 27

Spring Travels: Following The Flowers

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Flowers have a transformative effect to scenery and even my mood. As we transition from winter to spring we are reminded of the beautiful potential of our environment. Very few things put a smile on my face more than discovering flowers blooming, which is why ‘following the flowers’ is one of my favorite reasons to travel. I’ve put together a list of my top places in the world to find blooming flowers during spring. After you’ve read my list, I’d love to hear what special bloom locations are on your list.



Charleston- Spring comes a bit earlier to Charleston than most places. Just the past few weeks we’ve already seen new flowers in bloom including Camelias and Japanese Magnolias. Azaleas are just starting to peek through and should be in full bloom soon, followed by Confederate Jasmine which has the loveliest scent.


Oregon- A couple years ago, Thomas made a trip with a friend to Oregon. He kept sending me photos of the incredible tulips and I was definitely jealous of all the gorgeous scenery. His favorite spots were the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival and Hood River for beautiful blooming Apple and Pear orchards.


Washington DC- Last year we thought we had a perfectly timed trip to visit Washington DC for the Cherry Blossom bloom. An unexpected cold front rolled through much of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic just about the time the blossoms had just started to open. This severely impacted the bloom which left little to see. While we don’t have plans to return this year, we are crossing our fingers for all of you making the trip. This website is great for tracking peak bloom.

Wisteria in London- Wisteria is an impressive plant. It’s an aggressive climbing vine that seems to have a mind of its own in a uniquely wonderful way. Some of the most impressive Wisteria can actually rip apart rod iron fences! When well trained, it’s a spectacular decoration to the front or side of a house, especially when it’s purple blooms come to life. One of my favorite places to see Wisteria are along some of the incredible homes in London. You can follow my friend, @rosielondoner, as she’s famous for her London Wisteria obsession in the spring.


Bluebells in English Countryside- Because Bluebells are wildflowers that grow in wooded areas in the shade of trees, I often get the feeling that I’m about to spot fairies. When touring the English Countryside a few years ago, we stumbled on some incredible bluebell forests. I can’t wait to return again this spring!

Daffodil Hill in California- When my mom lived in the foothills near Sacramento we were not too far from a fun farm that takes their Daffodils very seriously. They have an estimated 300,000 bulbs planted! When they all come to bloom in the springtime, this well manicured property comes to life with rolling hills of white and yellow Daffodils. If you decide to check it out, make sure to arrive earlier in the day to avoid crowds during their peak time.

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