January 9

Our 2018 Dream Travel Destinations

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Every January we start with a big dream list of travel destinations for the year. Travel brings a new energy to us, so it’s fun to take the time to dream up future adventures. There’s something magical about experiencing a place for the first time. Our typical list is pretty ambitious and we rarely come close to even half of our it, but that’s ok, we can’t see the whole world in a year. In 2017, some highlights were fall in Scotland, Paris for my birthday, Provence during summer, Nantucket for 4th of July, Tulum in May, Harbour Island for a winter beach getaway and Quebec for fall foliage. You can see some of those images in our recap post from two weeks back. Last year, we learned to be more strategic with our traveling, reducing the total number of locations in favor of spending more time per destination. When you take the time to slow down in a location or visit for another time, you start to notice some of the smaller details.



This year’s list includes places from all corners of the globe. Now that we’ve announced the launch of Gal Meets Glam Collection coming in April, it’s giving us even more excitement about traveling in the future. As I designed the dresses, I dreamt of the all of the place that I’d wear them. As you read this list I’d love to know, have you been to any of these places? If so, what did you think? What tips can you share or do you have any can’t miss favorites? Finally, I’d love to know what’s on your 2018 dream travel list.


Spain- My sister spent a year in Spain and had nothing but great things to say about it. Now that she lives in Europe, maybe I can convince her to play tour guide.


More of Italy- I could visit Italy every year and we already have plans to return this summer. Pizza, pasta, vino……here we come!


South East Asia- Making a trip all the way to SEA is a little bit daunting which means that if we go, we will want to spend at least two weeks. Top on our list are Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.


Japan- For the past couple of years Thomas and I have continuously said “Ok, this is the year to go to Japan.”. But it still hasn’t happened. So we are repeating ourselves and hoping to make it there this year.


New Zealand- Thomas and I love amazing landscapes and New Zealand is full of them. Plus, Thomas loves Lord of the Rings which was filmed in NZ.


Argentina- Thomas and I love an outdoor adventure and Patagonia has been near the top of our list. Plus, Argentina is also known for their wine country which could be a great option for a trip in November for my birthday. Relaxation or adventure or maybe a bit of both?


India- It’s very easy to come up with travel locations when you are following your taste buds. Because of that, India has been on our travel list for years.


Colombia- Another location that my sister spent a few months in. Specifically, Cartagena is a location we are dying to go to.


Maine- Our only USA location left on our bucket list. We’ve talked about visiting the coast in the summer time or exploring the forests in fall.


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