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September 22

Repair And Protect Your Hair

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It’s pretty obvious that I curl my hair at least a few times a week. To offset that consistent heat, I try to let my hair air dry as much as possible, but when we travel or when I workout a lot, there’s simply not enough time so I have to use a blowdryer. That means my hair gets its fair share of time using hot tools. The combo of blowdrying and curling can prove to be disastrous for my hair without the proper protection, which I learned the hard way years ago. Now I’m much more aware of being consistent about using the right products to not only keep my hair looking its best, but also protecting it. I’ve been using Moroccanoil products for years and years, but hadn’t expanded beyond my use of their treatment until I was introduced to a few more from their line after partnering with them last month. I’m obsessed. I’ve been getting a lot more questions about my hair recently, with many of you commenting on how healthy and shiny it looks, which is even more difficult with how long it is (keeping long hair healthy is a constant battle!). I’m thanking all of the Moroccanoil products that I’ve been using, which I’m sharing in today’s post. Even Thomas started using Moroccanoil products to help fight humidity, maybe you’ve noticed his waves looking extra flowy (but really- they help control his super curly hair very well). There are two new products from Moroccanoil focused on protecting from damage and repairing any damage already done, which also happen to be a part of my new routine.




Like I mentioned, I’m constantly curling my hair, just ask Thomas, who recently suggested he’d learn to curl my hair if it meant we’d be able to get out the door sooner each day (lol, no way). To prep my hair for heat I use Moroccanoil Perfect Defense between towel drying my hair after a shower and right before blow drying. It’s super easy, just spray evenly and comb through followed by blow drying and if, I’m doing so, curling. If you are starting from dry hair, no worries, you can use Moroccanoil Perfect Defense right before retouching with a curling iron or straightener. I now bring this one with me everywhere I go, which has helped me be consistent with heat protection and keeping my hair healthy.






You know that feeling you get after a great haircut or trim? My other favorite Moroccanoil product, Mending Infusion, is meant for giving you that exact look. It’s a complete refresh for the ends of your hair and not only helps reduces signs of damage, but also prevents further damage, too. Sometimes, when we are traveling a lot and I don’t have time to get a hair trim, I’m too embarrassed to wear my hair straight because I have so many split ends. I end up curling my hair a lot more to make up for it, which doesn’t help the situation at all. While nothing can beat a fresh trim to keep your hair healthy, most of us don’t have time to run to the hairdresser every time our ends look dull. I promise this will be your new secret weapon for those in-between times.




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