May 3

I’ve Found The Perfect Bag

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Current Elliott Tee, Gucci Scarf, Club Monaco Skirt, SENREVE Handbag c/o, Chanel Loafers


I love bags, and I know a lot of you do, too. They’re the accessory that we never leave home without- they carry our lives and we rely on them much more than we admit. We’re constantly making a conscious decision between function or fashion when it comes to handbags. Typically I choose fashion, which is why I often find myself handing things to Thomas for him to carry in his bag (which he reluctantly agrees to do!) . But there are times when I have to sacrifice some fashion for function: those times mostly revolve around travel and work, which is most of my day-to-day. That’s why I was truly excited when I was recently introduced to SENREVE, a new San Francisco based luxury handbag line, and they showed me their Maestra bag. I knew this was the first bag where I could really have it all! I no longer have to choose between function or fashion, instead I can have both and it’s all wrapped up in one beautifully chic handbag. It turns out, that’s exactly why the founders started SENREVE- they loved luxury bags but they also have demanding careers that involve lots of traveling and packing their entire day in one bag. They couldn’t find a bag where they weren’t sacrificing something (whether it’s design, quality, price, size, comfort, durability, style or more), so they decided to create it. To make it happen, they interviewed hundreds of women to understand their wants and needs and then they partnered with luxury handbag designers in NYC and handbag artisans in Florence, Italy. From there, SENREVE was born.






Before working with a brand, I always ask myself if I would purchase the item on my own if I stumbled upon it and if I truly love and would use the item. If the answer is yes, then I know it’s fit to share on Gal Meets Glam. That’s exactly how I felt with SENREVE. And after speaking with the founders, I felt just as passionate about the mission they were building with this company- creating a luxury bag (and one that’s under $1000!) that’s perfect for the lifestyle of a working woman, yet chic enough to use all the time. With handbags that I plan on wearing often, I gravitate towards neutrals and soft pastel colors. Those are the tones that make up most of my wardrobe, so I know if I stick to them, I’ll be able to mix the bag with most of the things I own. It was tough to choose a color for my SENREVE Maestra bag, because there are some gorgeous pastel shades, like blush and cream, but ultimately I knew the “ice” color was the perfect fit.






With all of the different wearing options (top handle, cross-body strap, backpack mode), you can easily and quickly have the bag match the situation you are in. I think the one i’ll use the most is the long strap or backpack, which frees up my hands, perfect for when I travel. Now that we just moved to downtown Charleston (during our home renovations) we are looking for an office space that’s walking or biking distance, so I can see myself using this bag again and again, especially when riding my bike.






This bag can fit your entire workday in it, while not being overly bulky or too heavy. I’ve got everything I need here for a workday out of the house, and I even have room for a pair of flats. The padded laptop compartment fits my 13” MacBook Pro but the central compartment can fit a 15” laptop. Plus there’s roomy compartments and pockets to keep all of my random odds and ends that I carry on a daily basis. 







I like to believe I take care of my bags but sometimes life happens, which is why I’m loving how durable this water and scratch-resistant bag is. Things get scratched up really quickly, especially when traveling, and it’s so frustrating when a new expensive handbag gets a mark, so this is definitely a plus! Just the icing on the cake to my new favorite bag! Now the question is, which color would you choose?





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