April 12

Strawberry Picking

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Outfit Details:

Sea Top (matching skirt worn here), Ace & Jig Skirt (dress version here), Frye Sandals, Preston & Olivia Hat (last seen here), Global Goods Tote, Ray Ban Sunglasses


At the start of Spring, we made a small seasonal to-do list to get inspired and out exploring more of our new surroundings. One thing we used to constantly do in SF was take mini day-trips or find activities nearby to try out. My girlfriend Lucy suggested we head out to Wadmalaw Island to go strawberry picking, which obviously I was all over. Last year we went and picked blackberries with my family and had so much fun eating our way through the afternoon. And similar to the previous time, we nibbled on the juicy red strawberries while we enjoyed the early evening sun on our backs.






There’s something about being out on a farm that brings me so much joy! It reminds me of my childhood spent on my grandparent’s ranch, which is where almost all of my memories growing up are from. My grandma had the best garden with just about every fruit and vegetable you can imagine along with an award winning rose garden (she’s the one I got my love for flowers from). In addition, they had vineyards, corn fields, a lake where we would go fishing, horses, sheep and countless dogs and cats that would somehow find their way there, but never leave. It was pure heaven! Picking fruits and vegetables always makes me feel like a little girl again on the ranch with all of my siblings and cousins, cracking open walnuts and trying not to get stung by bees in the garden.







It’s also so refreshing to get outside and have a change of scenery. My girlfriend Lucy and I are always thinking of ways we can go and get inspired. She’s an amazing photographer who recently launched a beautiful collection of fine arts prints and one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. We’re kind of creative soul sisters and it’s so inspiring to spend time together- there’s always lots of dreaming and brainstorming going on!







This rainbow plaid Ace & Jig skirt is a ray of happiness. It’s the perfect blend of casual, comfort and femininity. The checkered weave fabric is light and airy, while the plaid print makes it feel relaxed and low-key and the silhouette is so sweet and flattering. It also comes in a dress version here or a similar maxi version here.






After we picked enough strawberries, we wandered around the farm and explored the property. There were fields of bright yellow mustard along with a path lined with huge, old oak trees draped in Spanish Moss. It was exactly what I’d picture from a Southern farm. My favorite color this Spring has been yellow and it fit in perfectly with the Spring landscape going on. This Sea top is the matching piece to the yellow skirt I wore in this post. There’s also this yellow combo that’s a bit more affordable but in an almost identical shade.







We headed home with bags full of fresh berries and started planning what we’d do with them… The following morning, Thomas surprised me with homemade pancakes topped with a few of them. And since we were heading out of town for the weekend, we ended up freezing the rest to add to smoothies once we were back home. Next year (or maybe later in the season), I want to try making jam for the first time!

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