August 23

Glastonbury Tor

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Rebecca Taylor Dress (now on sale here and here), Madewell Denim Jacket, Ralph Lauren Jacket (old, similar here), Hunter Boots, Chloe Bag


Thomas and I were recently going through our archives of images and came across a dozen posts that we were never able to get up. We had the full intention of posting them back when they were shot, but sometimes our schedule gets a little too crowded…and times goes by…and then they just end up sitting on our backup hard drive, never to be seen. This post in particular was shot back in April while we were in the English Countryside. It was one of my favorite trips to date. I’d been wanting to visit the English Countryside ever since I was little and watched The Secret Garden on repeat (a la the early 90s). It’s kind of perfect to share now, because even though this was shot in the springtime, many of us now are transitioning our summer pieces, like a white dress, into fall with layers (which I needed back in April because it was much cooler than I anticipated).


Gal Meets Glam Glastonbury Tor


We had spent the day prior to this near Glastonbury at Rose’s mum’s house and were planning to stop by the Glastonbury Tor, but Thomas wasn’t feeling well. So we made the 30 minute drive back from Babington House the following day to check it out. It definitely wasn’t a big deal because the English Countryside is fun to drive in and filled with beauty all around. 





It’s funny how something that can be clearly seen from miles away could be so hard for us to locate, and then park. Eventually we found the Tor, but the roads were so narrow (pretty common thing in the English Countryside), that we literally could not find a single parking spot on or off the road within 0.5 miles. We actually drove down one dirt road for an extra 2 miles because there was not a single spot we could pull a U-Turn, so we did what we do best- make the most of the situation by exploring more. We ended up taking a few winding roads, leading us to some beautiful spots like the one above. Getting lost might be my favorite thing to do, although I’m not sure Thomas would agree with me here…


Gal Meets Glam Glastonbury Tor




After circling a few times, we finally found a pull-out on the side of the road that was just big enough to pull our car into. We finally made our way over to the Glastonbury Tor, being greeted by the cutest sheep as we got closer. At the base of the hill were dozens and dozens of sheep grazing freely. We had fun watching the babies jumping around with a stunning view of the countryside as the background. The view only gets better as you climb the winding stairs up to the Tor, finally reaching the peak where you have a 360 degree view of the surrounding area. We arrived just in time, as the wind started to pick up and the rain came down ever so lightly, only making a perfect excuse to make our way into town for a hot drink and something sweet.




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