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April 10

Our Guest Room

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After about 15 months of slowly decorating our place, I can now say that it finally feels complete. Of course, there is always room for something new- an empty corner waiting for a purpose, a shelf that needs just a few more pieces, a wall waiting for some artwork- but those are just areas that will naturally get filled over time. One of my favorite rooms in our place is our guest room. Since our last apartment was only a one bedroom, I was thrilled to finally have a room for out of town family and friends. I wanted to create a clean and serene space where our guests could relax and feel at home.





The first place Thomas and I started searching for items for our place was at my favorite San Francisco store, Jessie Black. You might have seen some of the other pieces we’ve bought from the shop on my Instagram like this chandelier we have hanging in our dining room above our table (which is currently available at the boutique). Jessie’s store on Sacramento Street is my version of heaven. It’s a beautiful mix of luxurious fabrics, one of a kind finds, unique accessories and more. Jessie and I got to talking and she came up with a dreamy escape for our guest room that combined all the practical things we needed with a few little luxuries for our guests.






My favorite element of the space is the mix of different textures and fabrics- everything from linen to wool to cashmere to wood and tulle. We had this odd cut-out in the wall around the bed and Jessie came up with the idea of draping a beautiful, romantic tulle to frame the bed and hide the cut-out. It was a simple solution but one with a big impact, especially since it adds more to an otherwise blank wall. We also refreshed the room by painting the walls that were originally a buttery color to a cooler neutral tone.







Thomas and I were both thrilled with the results of the room. I’m lucky that Thomas trusts my tastes and lets me decorate in a more feminine and romantic style, but Jessie was really amazing at making sure we added a few more masculine pieces. More than anything else, Thomas really cares about the feel of fabrics and the quality of goods we are buying. He loved the touches of wood that Jessie brought in through the bedside lamps and throw pillows along with the stack of vintage wood suitcases in the corner. She also found the chicest bean bag I’ve ever seen, made out of a thick grey wool. Thomas dubbed that “his” and often drags it into the living room to lounge on.





All of the items from our guest room are from Jessie Black aside from our night stands, which are old from West Elm. You can find many of the pieces at the Jessie Black store on Sacramento Street in SF as well as shop from their newly launched e-boutique here. If you’re also interested in interior design and home styling services, you can contact the boutique over here.

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