June 11

Travel Packing Tips: Preventing Wrinkles

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While we never travel anywhere without our favorite dual-voltage steamer, we’ve picked up a few tips over the years that significantly minimize the amount of wrinkling that happens in our suitcases. After all, the allure of a new place to explore or the promise of a delicious meal awaiting us at a restaurant down the road sometimes means we’d prefer to get changed quickly and head out on an adventure, rather than use precious time de-wrinkling clothes! Here are a few tricks we frequently turn to to help prevent wrinkles en route to our destination:

1. Bring The Right Luggage. While duffle bags can be incredibly convenient (especially since they’re so lightweight), a structured suitcase does a much better job of keeping every item in its place and folded the way it should be. I love my Steamline carry-on, and we’ve also been so happy with the Hartmann suitcases we use as checked bags–they’re lightweight, but very durable, and the interior includes cross-straps that help keep all of the contents secure. That said, we do frequently throw a foldable duffle bag into our checked bag to use on the way home, especially if we plan to shop at our destination!

2. Use The Rolling or Bundle Wrapping Method To Pack Clothes. Rather than stacking folded clothes in a suitcase, choose a strategic wrinkle-reducing packing method. In a larger suitcase, “bundle” clothes by layering the heaviest or most structured items on the bottom and lightest on top, and then individually wrapping each item around a soft “core” item (like a t-shirt wrapped around socks). When done correctly, the tension and lack of folds help prevent most wrinkles and creases. You can watch a video tutorial here. Another option that works especially well for smaller items or a less structured suitcase is rolling. Simply fold clothes vertically and then roll them from top to bottom before putting them in your bag.

3. Use Packing Cubes Or Travel Cases To Separate Items. Some people swear by packing cubes as a way to not only keep their clothing organized in a suitcase, but also as a wrinkle minimizer. I personally love using my Cuyana clutches and pouches to store items like cosmetics and small accessories.

4. Choose Clothing That Is Naturally Less Wrinkle-Prone Or That Steams Easily. As much as I love a crisp linen dress, wrinkles are practically unavoidable when they’re in and out of suitcases. Instead, fill your bag with pieces made of blended fabrics, which tend to wrinkle less. I recently wore the Annie dress from Gal Meets Glam Collection while traveling and was able to waltz right off the plane and straight to dinner, wrinkle-free. The Edith and Jane dresses travel especially well too!

5. Unpack As Soon As Possible. No matter how long you’ll be staying in one place, unpack and hang up your clothes as soon as you arrive. Sometimes, limited time in a suitcase plus a few spritzes of wrinkle releaser spray are all it takes to make clothes look fresh and ready to wear.

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