July 7

My Favorite Skincare Masks

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Anytime I feel like my skin needs a little extra pampering I reach for one of my favorite masks. Whether it be in the form of a leave-on gel, mud or sheet mask there’s always something to give my skin the boost it needs. I’m always buying new masks, testing a few out or stocking up on the ones that have a permanent spot in my beauty cabinet, so I’ve created a list of my favorites that I continue to use based on the results I’ve seen. Try some of these out and you’re bound to have brighter, firmer, purer and more hydrated skin! Remember, good skin comes with care and even after we achieve that, keeping and maintaining that glow is just as important.

Gel Leave-On Masks

Gel Leave-On Masks are great solutions for applying before bed. Rather than the intensity of nutrient packed sheet or mud masks, leave-on masks have less concentrated formulas that are gentle on your skin, allowing you to use them daily. Unlike night creams that only moisturize, Gel Leave-On Masks brighten, leave your skin more radiant and have anti-aging properties.

Skin Inc Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask

I use this sleep-in mask a few nights a week. I’ve shared this mask before with readers, but in case this is your first time hearing about it, I swear by this mask. It gets my skin prepped before bed, hydrating, brightening and clarifying it. I always wake up with glowing skin the morning after I use it. 

Mud Masks

Mud (or Clay) Masks penetrate your pores to help deliver other active ingredients more effectively than applying them directly to skin. While they are a bit more difficult to clean up, I use them 1-2 times a week.

L’Oreal PURE-CLAY Purify and Mattify

Especially good for summer, I use this mask to reduce oil and shiny skin. This one is new to my list but has quickly made its way up to my favorites. 


I’ve been using this mask for years, it’s especially great for exfoliating. The tingling feeling and larger exfoliating particles leaves my face feeling super clean afterwards. I love to use this if I feel a pimple or breakout may be coming on. It always works to clear things up and leave my skin looking bright and tight. 

Sheet Masks

I love to use Sheet Masks! I’ve tried so many and am always game for a new brand I’ve never heard of. My primary usage is for hydration or puffiness. After each treatment, I love the fresh, dewy feeling my skin has or the toning and wakening effects it will provide after long nights. On flights, I’ll brave the humiliation and put on a mask, countering the dehydrating effect of plane travel. It’s always worth it when you land with glowing skin, ready to take on your new destination. 

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

This is my absolute favorite mask for hydration. I bought it for the first time before a flight with some leftover Euros when walking through the Duty Free beauty section and now I buy them by the 10 pack. I’ll use them at home if I’m feeling a little puffy in the morning and we have a big shoot that day. 

Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle

There’s no better time than now to fight the inevitable impact of aging. This mask specializes in fighting wrinkles and giving your skin back that luminous glow we’re always searching for. 

Dermaplus Soothing Collagen

In San Francisco I always go to Dermaplus for the best facials (I see Andrea!). I’ve been using this mask with great success, as I see from all of their in-house made skincare products. This time of year, my skin can get really dry in certain locations, so these save me when I need some extra hydration. 

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