July 19

Homemade Lavender Lattes

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With Lavender season comes the opportunity to enjoy lavender lattes. Though not quite as famous as her sister latte, pumpkin spice, lavender has quickly become my new favorite latte flavor. Since the scent of lavender is proven to set the mind at ease, it’s no wonder that it’s my preferred drink to wake up to. I’ve been begging Thomas for weeks to make lavender lattes at home. When we stumbled on a Farmer’s Market in Healdsburg last Saturday that had a stand selling freshly dried lavender, we were delighted. And on Sunday morning, Thomas surprised me in bed with a homemade lavender latte.

In order to infuse the lavender taste and aroma, Thomas added pinches of whole lavender buds to both the almond milk as it was steaming, and the honey (last July in Provence we became obsessed with Miel de Lavande, which is honey that comes from bees that pollinate lavender fields, and it was often additionally infused with lavender buds). On the first attempt, the lavender flavor was too faint, so on the next attempt, Thomas doubled the amount of lavender buds and broke out the spice grinder to turn the lavender into a powder. (Unless you have a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth, you may want to skip this step and just stick to whole buds, doubling either the time for infusing or the amount used, or both).

Using a double boiler (pyrex bowl over a boiling pot of water), Thomas poured 3 fluid ounces of honey with half a tablespoon of the ground lavender powder, stirring it every few minutes for about 5-10 minutes. To remove the lavender pieces, he used a fine mesh sieve (cheesecloth will work nicely as well). When making a normal sized latte, T added about half a tablespoon of the lavender infused honey, which was a bit on the sweet side, but packed most of the lavender perfume. Yum!

For the milk (we use almond milk), use roughly the same amount of lavender powder (½ tablespoon), as it steams too. Pouring the steamed milk through the sieve removes the tiny bits of lavender, but also greatly reduces the foam. So if you want foam, you’ll need to create some extra foam separately. Lastly, enjoy!

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