November 21

Creative Ways To Give Thanks

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As soon as November arrives, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays without taking the time to reflect on all we’re grateful for. When I pause and look back on 2018, I’m truly overwhelmed with gratitude. This is the year we launched Gal Meets Glam Collection and welcomed the opportunity to connect with our beloved readers-turned-customers in a completely new way, moved into our house after being transformed into our dream home, grew our team with people who are deeply committed to our vision and mission, and so much more. Beyond those especially significant moments and opportunities though, we’ve also had our days brightened by kind neighbors, seen frustrating situations dissolve thanks to fantastic customer service, been encouraged by kind comments and DMs (thanks to many of you!), and been lovingly cared for by family members and friends during tough times. Big and small moments alike, there is so much to be grateful for this holiday season and all year round. We are as ready as anyone to jump into celebrating holiday traditions, decorating, baking, shopping for gifts, and more, but before we do, will you join us in reflecting on all we are thankful for, and then expressing that gratitude? Our team rounded up a few favorite, creative ways to say “thank you” below!

1. Write thank you notes to your loved ones and people you are especially grateful for.

The perfect excuse to dig out your prettiest stationery, few gestures express gratitude as well as a thoughtful, handwritten note. Take a few minutes to write out why you’re thankful to the people you’re closest to (like your significant other, siblings, parents, and friends), as well as people who may not expect to hear from you. Want to take this one step further? Set a goal to write some type of thank you note each day for the rest of November, whether that means a handwritten note in the mail, or simply a quick email or DM to someone who has inspired or helped you in some way.

2. Create harvest-inspired gift baskets and leave them on your neighbors’ doorsteps.

We often take good neighbors for granted, until we have to face a not-so-good one! Show your neighbors your appreciation for all they do (or don’t do) to make your neighborhood and home so delightful. For an easy and thoughtful gift that appeals to all ages and personalities, shop the farmer’s market for the most beautiful, delicious produce and then arrange it in baskets with a note. Leave the baskets on the doorsteps of the neighbors you’re most grateful for!

3. Bake a fall dessert for someone and give it to them along with a recipe card.

For the thank you gift that keeps on giving, the next time you bake something sweet for a hostess, friend, or neighbor, write out the recipe on a pretty recipe card (like this one) to include with the treat. Best case scenario, they’ll love the dessert so much, it’ll become a go-to for their family…and they’ll remember how much you appreciate them each time they bake it.

4. Frame a photo from a special memory together and write a thank you note on the back.

An especially sweet way to thank someone for being part of a special occasion (perhaps as a bridesmaid, a godparent, a travel buddy, etc.), is to print out a favorite photo of the two of you from that event. Use a felt-tip pen that doesn’t bleed to write a hidden note on the back of the photo and then pop it into a frame with a post-it that says “open me.”

5. Leave packaged treats in places people will find them.

One of my favorite holiday traditions is to do something special for the people I don’t always go out of my way to thank, like our mail carrier, office building security guard, garbage truck driver, and more. As much as I love gifting people with homemade treats, for people I don’t know on as personal of a level, I opt for delicious, gourmet packaged treats so they can easily check the label in case of any dietary restrictions or allergies. A few of my favorites: Sugarfina bento boxes, Ladurée macarons, Aperture Coffee Roasters coffee beans, or Grey Ghost Bakery cookies from right here in Charleston. Leave them in your mailbox, on their desk, or in a brightly colored gift bag set in a place that’s easy to spot.

6. Leave glowing reviews for your favorite local businesses online.

Especially in our digital day and age, online reviews mean the world to all types of businesses. Take some time to leave positive feedback online for the new restaurant you tried and loved, the doctor’s office you’ve been visiting for years, the coffee shop with the staff that always remembers your usual order, and the hair stylist who consistently makes you feel amazing. Not only will your kind words make someone’s day, you’ll also be helping people in your community find the businesses that truly deserve their patronage.

7. Donate to your favorite organizations/charities.

Consider donating to one of your favorite organizations supporting efforts to rebuild lives and communities affected by the terrible disasters that have occurred in recent months, including the fires in California, and Hurricane Michael. Many people lost their homes and loved ones and need all the support we can share.

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