September 18

14 Date Ideas For Fall

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When Thomas started working for Gal Meets Glam full-time a few years ago, it didn’t take long for us to realize that working together wasn’t necessarily the same thing as spending quality time together. Continually growing in friendship and strengthening our marriage is a huge priority to us, and we’ve learned that pouring effort into our relationship is always worth it, even (especially) when it can be tough to find the time. One way we do that is to plan dates–not just evenings when we grab a quick bite to eat out because we didn’t have anything in our refrigerator, but rather, purposeful activities that we can savor together. Fall is one of the busiest times of the year in our business, even more so now that we’re entering the first holiday season for the Gal Meets Glam Collection, but we’re determined to create a few special moments when we can soak in the season intentionally, just the two of us. Here are a few fall-inspired dates we’re considering!

  1. Pack a thermos of apple cider and go for a drive in the country.
  2. Spend an evening cooking a rustic, multi-course meal to enjoy over candlelight on our back patio.
  3. Make our own custom fall candles at a Candlefish workshop.
  4. Get all dressed up (I might wear this or this) and check out the fall menu at one of our favorite restaurants downtown.
  5. Leave our phones at home, pick up hot, seasonal lattes to-go, and enjoy them while on a walk around our neighborhood.
  6. Try out a new-to-us local hiking trail.
  7. Spend a Saturday morning shopping for fresh produce, seasonal flowers, and apple butter at the farmer’s market.
  8. Indulge in a long, leisurely brunch (especially if we can find a place with pumpkin pancakes on the menu).
  9. Visit a winery, brewery, or cidery for a taste of their fall offerings.
  10. Put on a cheerful playlist while we decorate our home for the new season.
  11. Do something special together to give back to the community.
  12. Pile tons of pillows and blankets on our living room floor, pop some homemade popcorn, and cozy up for a movie night (You’ve Got Mail and Annie Hall are two of my favorites to watch this time of year).
  13. Bundle up for a long walk around Central Park to see the foliage one weekend when we’re in New York.
  14. Bake a fall-inspired dessert together (maybe this or this).

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