February 24

What’s In My Current Makeup Routine

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It has been a while since I’ve written about any makeup, and I’m coming to you with some new finds I’ve been using for a while now and am excited to share. I am not someone who experiments with my makeup often. I love doing the same thing on repeat. If it works, I don’t break it. But I was feeling a little stale with some of my products, and decided to do a big haul last year to try a few new things out. Here are some of my tried and true favorites from that, along with the ones I’ve been using for years.

Ilia Brightening Eye Primer– I just started using this under eye primer before applying my concealer and I swear by it! It makes my under eyes brighter, while setting a base for my concealer to not smear or crease. I didn’t use a primer prior, so this has been a game changer.

Ilia Concealer– I’ve been using this concealer for years now and LOVE it. It doesn’t irritate my eyes like a few other clean beauty brands I’ve tried, and it gives me the coverage I’m looking for.

Beauty Blender– I don’t know what took me so long to get on the beauty blender wagon. I now apply all of my liquid/creamy makeup with these and they give the best coverage.

Urban Decay Liquid Lipstick– One of my go-to lip colors I’d been using for a matte, nude look was discontinued and I was so bummed. I went on a hunt one day to Sephora to find a new alternative…and I found an even better one. I’ve been using this liquid lipstick in “text em” and I am OBSESSED. It goes on liquid, but turns into a beautiful matte finish. If you’ve wondered or asked what lip color I’ve worn the past 8 months, it’s this!

Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter– I watched a video on IG a while back and was sold on this highlighter and have been hooked ever since. It goes on unbelievably smooth and gives the most natural, dewy glow.

Ilia Mascara– Mascara is something I’m extremely picky about. I don’t like to wear any eyeshadow, but I do love my big lashes. THIS MASCARA IS AMAZING. All caps are needed for expressing my love for this mascara! The best I’ve tried, and it also washes off so easy.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Pencil– I’ve always had a medium-sized lip fullness. I would never describe them as full, but also wouldn’t describe them as thin. They’re just fine, and I’m happy with them. But when I use this lip pencil, I get at least a handful of dm’s asking me if I’ve gotten lip injections. There’s something about the natural color of this “pillow talk” in pink/nude that keeps your lips looking natural but fuller, without any actual alterations to your lips.

Saie Liquid Blush– I love this liquid blush in “chilly” – it’s the prettiest pink and leaves a natural flushed look.

Westman Atelier Bronzer– I have yet to try a Westman Atelier product I don’t like! I could write a whole post on just their products! But the one I use most is their bronzer in “coup de soleil”. Thomas got me their full brush set for Christmas, which I love, and I use my blush brush to lightly dust this in all the places the sun would naturally hit.

Blurring Setting Powder

For flawless looking skin, I love this translucent setting powder to blur pores and any imperfections. It’s also vegan, talc-free, and full of natural ingredients.

Long Lasting Lip Liner

I love how creamy this lip liner goes on. It is super long lasting and the perfect shade for every skin tone, definitely worthy of the hype it receives. Pair with a hydrating lip balm or liquid lipstick to finish.

Beauty Blender

This product has completely changed the way I apply my makeup — I love how smooth the beauty blender makes tinted moisturizer and concealer, while still looking natural and lightweight.

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