November 14


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Quilted pieces come in patterns and styles that fit-in perfectly for late fall and early spring. On any given day you may find me wearing one or carrying one while taking our morning walks, or while running errands around town. A few favorites that have seen a lot of wear lately include this jacket, this liner, and these boots. The soft quilting and quilted prints feel relaxed, making them a great choice for everyday wear. See below for a variety of quilted styles to keep you comfortably warm and stylish.

Quilted Liner

This quilted liner can be reversed to reveal a fleece jacket, and is a great base layer to wear during transitional months as the temperature gets cooler.

Patchwork Midi Dress

This charming midi dress is adorn with a colorful patchwork print, quilted bodice, and ruffle details.

Quilted Wrap Jacket

A kimono wrap style and patchwork floral print add a uniquely feminine twist to this quilted jacket.

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