Holiday Gift Guide

December 8

Holiday Gift Guide: For The Gardener

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Hey everyone, it’s Thomas. A number of you reached out to Julia asking for a gift guide for the gardeners in your life. I’ve assembled what I think is a great list for everyone, from the well-seasoned gardener to the brand new planter. I believe the key to great gift giving is all about helping your giftee discover something new that you think they’ll love. I spend hours and hours each week researching and learning about gardening and gardening gear, so I’m pretty confident there’s something here for any gardener you know. If you’re a little too scared to pick something specific out, gift cards are always a great idea. A few of my preferred places to receive gift cards from would be: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Niwaki, Floret Flower, David Austin Roses,, Garden Tool Company, Terrain, or your local plant nursery.

Baker Creek (aka Rare Seeds) Full Seed Catalog

I’ve shared this seed catalog before on Instagram, and I’ve personally selected over 50 varieties from it that I plan to grow next year. This company specializes in heirloom seeds from all over the world. Any gardener is bound to find a plant for themselves, as well as find the stories and histories of these plants interesting.

Garden Clogs

I love my pair of Hunter Garden Clogs. I keep them by the back door and slip them on before running outside to garden. I’ve joked that I need a pair at each outside door. Here’s a less expensive version

Sustee Aquameter

These were a new addition to my collection of tools. While I love gardening in pots and containers both inside and outside, I’ve always found difficulty with watering the right amount. These aquameters live in the pot with your plant and when the soil dries out, the meter changes from blue to white. Super simple. If I have multiple plants in similar pots in the same location, I’ll put one of these meters in one pot and assume the soil moisture is roughly the same in the others.

Niwaki Secateurs

Secateurs (or pruners) are an essential tool for every gardener. But most of us have cheap, rusted or clunky secateurs lying around near the rest of our gardening gear. Niwaki makes some beautiful and specialized secateurs that will be an instant upgrade for your favorite gardener. Here are my 3 favorites. 

Mainichi Secateurs– The all around, great quality but more budget-friendly than my other suggestions

Pro Secateurs– The pair I have and love

Tokusen Barracuda Secateurs– The pair I have my eyes on next, like scissors and secateurs had a baby, giving them strength for cuts while making it easier to get into tight spots

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