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June 22

My Must-Have Beauty Product for Summer

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The one beauty product I never go without is sunscreen. I embraced long ago that wearing it is a skincare essential–one of the most important, impactful things I can do for both my skin and my health as a whole. Biossance is one of my go-to skincare brands, so I had high hopes that I would love one of their newest products: Squalane + Zinc Sheer Mineral Sunscreen. Since I aim to apply sunscreen daily, in every season and any weather, I have very high standards for the formula I use. I know from experience that if a sunscreen makes my skin feel greasy or leaves a white cast, I quickly fall out of the habit of using it. On the other hand, if I find one that makes my skin feel even better, I’m much more likely to prioritize it, even on my busiest mornings.

The first thing I noticed as I applied the Squalane + Zinc Sheer Mineral Sunscreen was how effortlessly it blended into my skin. The formula, which is lightweight and hydrating, disappeared in moments, leaving a fresh, dewy finish. I’ve been wearing it both on its own (over my moisturizer and serum) and under my makeup, and in both instances, it only enhances the look of my skin.

The powerhouse ingredient of the Squalane + Zinc Sheer Mineral Sunscreen is zinc oxide, which is non-nano (meaning it creates a safe outer barrier on the skin, rather than absorbing into it) and non-toxic. It is also reef-safe, which is a special priority to us, since we live near and often swim in the ocean. Other ingredients include ultra-moisturizing squalane, used in many of my favorite Biossance products, and water lily to cool and calm skin when exposed to the sun. I love Biossance‘s commitments to using clean ingredients in sustainable ways, resulting in products that are as safe as possible to both our skin and the planet. Try Biossance with code: GALMEETSGLAM for 20% off all full sized purchases today!

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