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April 22

Game Night Ideas

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William Morris Playing Cards, Cocktail Napkins

Thomas and I both grew up in families that played board and card games regularly. For my family, it was Monopoly and card games. For Thomas’s it was Domino’s and Backgammon. So it has been a pretty natural progression for us to build our own family board game collection over the past few years. Being homebound this past month has really challenged us to think of things to do for entertainment in the evenings, and thankfully, our stash of games has become a welcome reprieve. Friday nights have become our family ‘Game Night’, including pizza, cocktails, and ice cream. The game selected depends on our mood at the end of the week. Light and funny games if we feel a bit drained, thought-provoking ones if we feel inquisitive, or active, engaging ones if we feel energized. Once Clementine falls asleep for the night, Thomas mixes cocktails while I set-up a buffet of pizza and salad on our kitchen counter, and then we gather at our dining table ready to play. We’ve ended up sharing some of our best laughs and stories here, staying up later than we should have more than a few times. One of the best things to come out of this crazy time has been staying home and simply having fun together.

TableTopics Couples

Thomas and I love to pull out Tabletopics Couples Edition after dinner once Clemmie has gone down. As you may have seen on a recent Instagram story I shared, this game keeps us laughing for hours. From our worst habits to our most admirable qualities, it is so funny to hear each other’s perspective!

Beautiful Puzzle

A puzzle is great fun because you can work at it at leisure, allowing for hours of entertainment. There is something very therapeutic about doing a puzzle. I’m always on the hunt for beautiful ones, like this botanical 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

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