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January 13

A New Addition to My Evening Skincare Routine

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I frequently experiment with different beauty and skincare products, but I also loyally keep up with a few of my go-to brands. Biossance was one of my favorite 2019 discoveries—they came on my radar at the perfect time, when I was newly pregnant with Clementine and eager to try some products made with non-toxic, plant-derived ingredients. I fell in love with their rose oil first, and have since been impressed with every other Biossance product I’ve tried. Needless to say, I eagerly anticipated the launch of their newest offering: Squalane + Lactic Acid Resurfacing Night Serum.

Using a powerful, but gentle, blend of vegan lactic acid, clover, squalane, and lavender, the serum boosts skin cell turnover and reverses the effects of the day’s UV rays, blue light, and pollution. Ever since the serum launched, I’ve been applying 2-3 pumps to clean skin every evening (after my eye cream and before my moisturizer) to let it soak in and work its magic overnight. Each time I use it, I wake up with refreshed and rejuvenated-looking skin—even if I’ve been working late or awake with Clementine throughout the night.

As a busy business owner and new mother, I’ve been balancing seemingly opposite skincare priorities. I need a routine that is quick, simple, and effective, but I also want to take better care of my skin than ever so that I can go with minimal makeup. Biossance Squalane + Lactic Acid Resurfacing Night Serum is one of the few products I’ve found that produces a noticeable difference with truly minimal effort and time. There’s no need to sit still with a mask or spend precious minutes in front of the mirror juggling a long, multi-step routine. Instead, I’ve seen radiant results literally overnight from adding this one simple product to my evenings. Try it out for yourself by using the code GALMEETSGLAM for 20 percent off of your first Biossance order on their website.

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