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November 30

My LARQ Bottle

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I’ve shared numerous times over the years how important it is to me to drink plenty of water. This has never been truer now that I am nursing an infant and I made it an extra high priority while I was pregnant. The thirst is REAL for both. I’ve always carried a water bottle with me wherever I go, including around my house, as a reminder to get enough water each day. I began to realize that I was going through so many water bottles, buying new ones all the time because they were either starting to smell (even after running them through the dishwasher), I would forget them at work or someone’s home, or I would simply lose them. We ended up with a cupboard filled with random-sized water bottles with missing lids, funny smells, and dents, just taking up space.

I came across LARQ Bottles last Christmas when I was searching for a unique gift to give to our visiting family members as my contribution to our new stocking tradition. Each of us was to select just one item to gift to everyone. I felt especially proud when I stumbled on the LARQ Bottles, since they are unusually tech-savvy, with a cool purification system that uses UV light to kill 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses, while also actually cleaning your bottle every two hours. I’m not sure I’ve ever bought 10 of one thing faster! I loved that I had discovered something new (before Thomas!) and found an item that I knew everyone would actually use!

We’ve since replaced all of our mismatched water bottles with a streamlined collection of LARQ Bottles in chic colors like Himalayan Pink and Granite White, which have made our lives so much simpler. After a year of use, we are happy to report that they are by far our favorite water bottles (for hot water too, since the LARQ Bottle is double-insulated). We bring them just about everywhere, including when traveling and to the gym. The UV purification light offers peace of mind, as it kills 99.9999% of contaminants. I love having purified water on the go!

We are so impressed with the improvements LARQ has made to ensure that we continue to love their products. The LARQ Bottle Movement, a lighter weight, single-insulated bottle comes in larger sizes (24 and 32 oz.) that I am especially excited about, since they’ll have us well-equipped for any all-day adventure. If you’re looking for a holiday gift idea that anyone would enjoy and appreciate, I can’t recommend them highly enough.

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