November 4

29 Things To Do In Your Twenties

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Celebrating my 29th birthday today is especially bittersweet with the realization that I will soon be leaving my twenties forever. I feel incredibly grateful for the amazing opportunities and milestones that have been reached through-out my twenties  – college graduation, founding Gal Meets Glam, getting married, traveling, moving to South Carolina, buying our first house, starting Gal Meets Glam Collection, and the birth of our daughter Clementine. I’ve tried to never put the pressure on myself to achieve things on a timeline, but I like the idea of using this year to push myself to try some new things for pure enjoyment. Sometimes a goal as simple as learning a new skill is just as important as some of the other larger ambitions. It’s amazing what can come to fruition from one new thing- a new friend, a new business idea, a new goal, or a new found love for something!

I created this list of things that I found rewarding/enjoyable/challenging to focus on during my twenties. Some I’ve achieved and others, I have yet to. It’s not meant to be seen as ‘needing to accomplish all of these things before 30’, but more as an idea generator to keep myself moving forward and growing. Enjoy taking a peek below and please share any additional ideas to add to the list!

1. Save for that trip you’ve always wanted to take (and then take it)

2. Find your first home/Buy your first home or apartment

3. Go out of your way to help a stranger

4. Start a business or side project

5. Start and finish a home improvement project (no matter the size)

6. Go out of your way to make a new friend

7. Take a risk in your personal life or career

8. Host more dinner parties

9. Take a personal wellness retreat or trip

10. Go on a road trip

11. Create something with your hands

12. Payoff your student debt

13. Find a cause you’re passionate about and get involved

14. Clean out your closets …for real this time.

15. Mend a broken relationship

16. Stop wasting time with the wrong people

17. Learn a skill on Youtube so you can stop asking for help

18. Start meditating daily

19. Learn to love yourself more

20. Put more time aside for family

21. Mentor someone younger in their career

22. Join a group, club or team

23. Have a serious check in with where you are at in your love relationship

24. Get outside to become more active

25. Take a cooking class with your spouse or a best friend

26. Open a retirement account

27. Learn a new language

28. Find a hidden creative talent- maybe in music or art

29. Take family photos just because

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