July 11

How Our Team Is Staying Healthy This Summer

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Especially in the summer, when our schedules are packed with events and we’re often on the road, healthy eating and exercise can quickly slip to the bottom of my priority list. While I’m all for enjoying the occasional ice cream cone on a hot day, I know that I feel my best when I’m moving my body and fueling it with nutritious foods—something I need to remind myself often during such a busy time of year. Thankfully, everyone on our team shares my goal of living an overall healthy lifestyle, so we share tips and encourage each other often. Consider this post a peek into a conversation in our office! We’re not experts, but we’re all trying to care for our bodies and minds as best as we can. We’d love for you to join in the conversation by sharing your own best tips and favorite practices for staying healthy this summer in the comments.

summer health tips
summer health tips

What are your favorite ways to exercise in the summer?

Thomas and I love to get outside this time of year and switch it up from the normal indoor classes we do. We’ll wake up extra early to go play tennis before the summer sun makes it too hot or go for a long walk on a weekend morning. Lately we’ve been spending more time at the beach and have been walking knee deep in the water, parallel to the shoreline, for an extra little workout. It’s actually a great leg exercise, plus it cools you off, too! – Julia

I have a five-year-old human alarm clock, so getting up early (even on Saturday morning) for the coolest part of the day is given at our house! After a quick breakfast, my son and I put on our tennis clothes and head to the court. I hit him three baskets of balls and he hits me one. Repeat. It’s a good workout and a great opportunity to bond with my son, and to share something with him that I once loved as a young girl. – Paige

I spend the early morning and evening hours of each day taking my dog on a walk around the neighborhood. He is a large lab who walks at a fairly quick pace, so I usually get a pretty good workout. It’s a wonderful way to spend time with him and we both return feeling a little more relaxed. – Judie

What is your favorite active way to spend a summer day?

I imagine a fun active weekend day to include a walk in the morning, a bike ride in the early afternoon, kayaking at some point during the day, and an evening tennis match with friends to cap it off. Sometimes, though, engaging my mind in a different way makes me feel just as active as physical exercise. I’ve spent more time recently bringing a sketchbook out to the gardens near my home and observing and tracing flowers. I’m planning to bring watercolors and paints outside to begin some plein air painting, so that would be another way I’d spend an active day. – Margaret

Thomas and I start and end almost every day with a walk. During weekdays, it’s usually a short 15-20 minute one to get our bodies moving and our blood pumping before we get ready and head into work. Since the days are longer during summer, we can still catch a sunset after we leave the office, which is always a great excuse to get back outside. I’ve also loved heading to the beach on a hot day; that way, if I get too warm, I can cool off in the ocean. And floating in water is the best thing ever during pregnancy. – Julia

Having a two-year-old means every day is active! Our typical summer Saturday includes walking to the playground, kicking a soccer ball around the backyard, and setting up our inflatable pool—Minnidip makes the cutest pools that are both toddler and design-minded-parent approved. (P.S. Our whole family uses and loves this sunscreen, which is made with ingredients that are safer for both us and the environment.) – Lisa

summer health tips
summer health tips

What is your best trick for staying hydrated?

I carry my water bottle with me everywhere. I have my Yeti tumbler that’s great at keeping cold water cold and hot water hot. It’s so important to always stay hydrated, but even more so during pregnancy. My goal is to try and drink 10 8oz glasses of water a day. – Julia

While some people are naturally good at staying hydrated, I need a constant reminder. I set a goal each day and try to stick to it. Everyone in our office loves the Larq water bottle, and I try to drink around six bottles per day–three before lunch and three after. This little reminder makes a huge difference in my hydration! – Annika

I am not a huge fan of flat water, so I have to make an extra effort to remember to drink sparkling water. Thankfully, Thomas got me a Soda Stream last Christmas, which I use daily. It turns plain tap water into bubbly sparkling water in seconds. – Judie

What are your go-to healthy summer snacks?

Every time we spend the day at the beach, we pack a big container of cubed watermelon. My husband and I threw it into our cooler on a whim one day and it was the most delicious, refreshing snack for a hot day in the sun! For an upgrade, put a few cubes on a skewer and sprinkle the watermelon with a bit of crumbled cotija cheese and Maldon salt. – Lisa

Hummus with carrots is my favorite healthy snack because it is fresh and light, yet satisfying. There is a great variety of readily available hummus at any grocery store, and when I have time, I even like to make my own at home. My favorite simple hummus recipe is from What’s Gaby Cooking. Peeling the chickpeas makes all the difference! -Annika

Vegetables (most often bell peppers, celery sticks, and carrots) with ranch is my go-to these days, as well as nut mixes. I’m currently on a wasabi pea kick. Summery fruit like berries, kiwi, pineapple, and grapefruit often make an appearance in my kitchen, and I love making fruit smoothies in the summer. – Margaret

summer health tips
summer health tips

What are your must-have activewear pieces?

My morning workout uniform (sort of basic): this Lululemon racerback tank, these Outdoor Voices Run Shorts, and APL sneakers. I just saw this new navy blue Outdoor Voices Hudson Skort, which make the “walking mom look” look cool, so I may give it a try for tennis and walks. – Margaret

Up until my recent trip to Ireland, I would have just slipped on an old pair of leggings or shorts. Before the trip, though, I went to Athleta and found lots of comfortable new options in great solid colors that coordinate with each other, from soft tees, to loose cropped pants, to joggers, to thin pullovers and jackets. They are all perfect for walking, traveling, or just relaxing at home. – Judie

I am obsessed with my Apple AirPods when I’m out on a run, walk, or hike. I love to listen to podcasts, and with AirPods, your hands are completely free so you don’t feel constricted. – Annika

I’ve been staying active during my pregnancy and these Lululemon joggers and this tank with a built in bra are my two favorite pieces. You can usually find me in a pair of APL sneakers on my way to Orange Theory or a cardio class. – Julia

What is one way you care for your mental health during the summer?

Exercise is certainly a keystone habit and contributes to my daily wellbeing, but one of the disciplines that makes me the best version of myself is writing in the morning. I began writing daily in college and that, coupled with reading positive and insightful books in the morning, always brings me peace and helps me kickstart the day with a thankful spirit. I notice that when I fall off course, it’s because this activity hasn’t been prioritized. It’s always worth the time sacrificed in the early AM.- Margaret

Yoga! I practice Vinyasa yoga, which allows me to really focus on slowing down and breathing. The beauty of yoga is that you can make it as challenging or as meditative as you want. I rotate between practicing in a studio, at home, or at various outdoor locations around Charleston where they offer weekly community yoga. I always feel like my best self after I’ve spent an hour focusing on nothing but my mental and physical health. – Annika

Reading about the many cognitive benefits of studying another language inspired me to dust off my college French. The Duolingo app makes it easy to test into whatever level you need and to log your practice time from anywhere. – Lisa

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