July 1

Getting A Summer Glow Without The Sun

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My approach to beauty has changed so much this year, and I’m really loving it. I already have a pretty minimal beauty and makeup routine, one that’s quick and under 10 minutes, but with my pregnancy making me more tired than ever and a very busy schedule, I’ve parred it down even more. I’ve had a lot of readers and commenters on IG point out that I’ve been wearing less makeup and no eye makeup at all. It’s been a refreshing change from my mascara-loving self. I initially only started skipping it because I was too tired at the end of the day to wash it off, but ended up loving the freeing feeling of wearing less makeup or non at all. We all have things about our face and skin that *we* (often times we’re the only ones that think it/pick ourselves apart!) see as “flaws” or imperfections, but absolutely everyone does, and it shouldn’t make you want to cover it up.

Another change is that we’ve been spending a lot less time outdoors, hello busy work schedule, and when we are outside, we make sure we’re protected from the sun. It’s incredibly hot this time of year in Charleston and it definitely doesn’t help make the last trimester of pregnancy the most comfortable, so I’m all for being indoors right now. Luckily, I have a handful of skin and beauty products to give me that summer glow, just without the sun. All of these products are quick, easy to use and give an effortless, sun-kissed look. Over the past couple of months, I’ve added a few new products here and there when I’m placing an order on Nordstrom, and now after testing and wearing a handful of these for months (some of them I’ve been using for longer), I can truly say that they’re amazing and I highly recommend! Keep reading to see the products I’m using (all of which can be found amongst the amazing selection at the Nordstrom Beauty Department) to achieve that golden summertime look…

Self Tanner For Face

I’ve always been very cautious when it comes to putting self-tanner on my face. I don’t want to just put anything on my skin, and I also don’t want it to look unnatural. These wipes are easy to use and are so subtle, but give the perfect amount of glow over time. The more you use them, the more color you’ll get! They also have ones available for use on your body too.

All-Over Body Glow

The other self-tanning product I use, but for an all over body glow, is this Clarins Milky Lotion. It’s non-messy, natural looking and keeps your skin hydrated as well!

My Favorite Sunscreen

Because it’s impossible to completely avoid the sun, I apply sunscreen daily to keep my skin protected. Supergoop has been our favorite famliy brand for years- Thomas loves it too- and we have a handful of their products scattered around the house, ready to use before we walk out the door.

Golden Glow

I love this Shimmer Bloc when I want that really golden look. I use the highlight for my cheekbones and eyes, while the bronze/gold as an old over glow and color.

All Over Bronzer

This has become my favorite daily bronzer. I use the “light” shade to work with my complexion and love that the matte finish looks really natural.

Bronzer Stick

This creamy bronzer stick is my go-to when I want a quick, natural looking contour without wearing a lot of makeup. It blends into the skin so beautifully.

Highlighting Stick

I use this on just my bare face to add a bit of highlight and glow! It’s both creamy and natural looking, giving you just enough color to notice, but not enough to look like you’re all done up.

Lip & Cheek

I use the “Peach” color of this lip & cheek balm for a healthy glow. It’s both quick to use and long lasting, plus it’s moisturizing at the same time.

Golden Peach

I’ve never been big into eye color or eye makeup in general, but I do appreciate a touch of some glow in the summertime, especially if I’m eliminating mascara. I love this Tom Ford cream & powder combo to brighten the eye just a bit.

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